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Monterey Bomb Squad/2 incidents 01-27-14 07:00 av

No one was injured after the Monterey County bomb squad responded to two different incidents over the weekend. The first incident occurred after a metal box was left outside of a Salinas Church Friday afternoon.    The box was found by a pastor just before 4 o’clock outside the front doors to The Church of The Latter Day Saints on the 200 block of E. Alvin Drive.    The bomb squad arrived and discovered paper ashes inside of the one-foot by one-foot metallic box.  No evacuations were made however, a portion of E. Alvin Drive at McKinnon Street was closed until the roads were reopened as of 7 p.m.  The second incident occurred Saturday after an unexploded military ordnance was detonated at a South Salinas home.   Police say the bomb squad did not know if the ordnance was active, and detonated it as a safety precaution.  

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