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Greenfield Police Selection 01-14-14 08:30 av

Greenfield residents will the chance today to meet the 4 candidates vying for the role of the city’s police chief.   A 2-day assessment of the 4 candidates begins today when a meet and greet with community members will be held at the Greenfield Civic Center Council Chambers at 4 p.m.  Potential chiefs include Comander Adele Frese, who’s worked for the Corpus Christi Police Department for 20 years, Deputy Chief of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Eduardo Lorenzana, Captain Ivan Minsal who’s had 32-years of law enforcement experience in Los Angeles and Chief James Mulhall who’s spent over 25 years working with various central coast agencies. Former Salinas Police Chief Daniel Ortega is the city’s current interim chief.

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