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Flu Deaths Pending Test Results 01-09-14 06:00 av

Pending test results will determine if the two deaths that occurred in Santa Cruz County this month are related to the flu.   The Santa Cruz County Health Department says they can’t confirm whether two people, who were less than 50-years of age, died from the flu until they receive test results back from the state.   Four more people, all under the age of 65, are also suspected of having a serious case of the flu but they recovered.  Meanwhile, a Monterey County Health Officer says compared to last fall, there’s been a 43% increase of people showing up to emergency rooms in Monterey County with flu-like symptoms.   He also says that while different types of flu viruses have surfaced, most of the patients are suffering from H1N1.   Officials say there is still time to get a flu shot and this year’s flu shot includes the vaccine for H1N1.

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