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Girl in the Curl Loses Battle with Cancer 12-09-13 12:00 av

A Santa Cruz surfer and local radio surf reporter, lost her long-time battle with cancer this morning.    Robin Janiszeufski Hesson, also known in the surfing community as “Zeuf”, has been fighting cancer over the past 20-years, first surviving a double mastectomy before being diagnosed with bone cancer.    Hesson, who was also known as the “Girl in the Curl” did the surf reports for KPIG.  She was also a critical care nurse and helped create the Ride-A-Wave program, which allows disabled individuals to experience the ocean.   Hesson was also a featured surfer in “The Women and the Waves” a film about female surfers.   A paddle out was held in her honor that she attended in Santa Cruz in October. 

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