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Big Sur Half Marathon 11-18-13 07:00 av

The 11th annual Big Sur Half Marathon took place Sunday with about 9,000 runners crossing the finish line at Monterey's Fisherman’s Wharf.   This year’s men’s winner was Kenyan runner, Jacob Chemtai, who finished the race in one-hour, two-minutes and 44-seconds.  The women’s winner, also from Kenya, was Sarah Kiptoo, who completed the course in one-hour, 11-minutes and 22 seconds.  The two each earned $3,000.  The 13.1 mile race brought in 30,000 people to the Central Coast this weekend.  Organizers say the overall economic impact of the race is about $10M.  Meanwhile the Big Sur Full Marathon is already being planned and is slated for April.

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