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Monterey County Measures 11-06-13 09:30 av

Measure G – Pacific Grove Unified School District

-Passed - 51%. 

-Increases student access to computers,

-Maintains and upgrade statewide technology requirements


Measure H – North Monterey County Unified School

-Passed - 61%.

-Renovates and updates aging school facilities and classrooms, athletic facilities.

-Improves access to instructional technology.


Measure I – Marina’s Card room Tax

-Passed - 74%

-Each card room in the city will have a 5% tax of annual gross gaming revenues starting January 1,2014.

-The money will fund general municipal services like public safety, street MAINTENANCE, & neighborhood Improvements.


Measure J – Soledad Community Health Care District

-Passed – 65%

-Prevents cuts in local health services.

-More pre-natal care & women’s Health Services.


Measure K – Monterey County

-Rejected – 61% NO

–A yes vote would have allowed development for the Monterey Downs Horse Racing track along with 1200 homes and apartments, stables, sports arena, swimming & tennis facilities, a horse park, hotels, offices/commercial space.


Measure M – Monterey County

-Rejected – 53% No

-A yes vote would have permanently blocked development of about 540 acres of Fort Ord’s Parker Flats Area. 

For more election results, visit http://www.montereycountyelections.us/Election%20Result.htm

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