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Monterey library evacuation - 08/28/13 18:21 S.S.

The  suspicious  package,   that  led to  an  evacuation in Monterey  this  morning,   turned  out  to  be  a  container  of  used  batteries.      The  Monterey  Library (and several other nearby buildings) were evacuated  around  11:30  this  morning,  after  the package  was  found  in  front of  the building.      The  Monterey  County Sheriff’s  Department  Bomb  Squad  was called  in,   and  they  used  an  x-ray machine  to  confirm that  the package  contained  standard  household  batteries.    Everyone was  allowed  back  into the  library (and the other buildings) shortly  after 3 p-m.  The library is  a  designated  Battery  Recycling  Location.

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