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Save Our Shores , and 269 volunteers collected nearly 15 hundred pounds of trash and debris today  at 11 sites during the annual July 5th Star Spangled Beach Cleanup.     It’s the 2nd largest community cleanup of the year on the Central Coast.     Santa Cruz cleanups took place at Cowell/Main, Seabright, Twin Lakes, Moran Lake, Capitola, Panther, It’s Beach, Davenport Main and Seacliff/Rio Del Mar Beaches.     Monterey County cleanups took place at Del Monte Beach at Wharf #2, and Carmel Beach.

In past years, Save Our Shores has seen trash cans overflowing at the beach on July 5th,  so they decided to fund the rental of four large dumpsters for Twin Lakes, Davenport, Cowell/Main and Seabright beaches.     Reportedly there was much less trash on these beaches,  and State Parks staff mentioned that the dumpsters made a huge difference for their cleanup efforts…since the trash cans were not overflowing (as in past years).

The Top 3 dirtiest beaches, determined by the pounds of trash removed, were: Cowell/Main Beach with 332 pounds, Seabright Beach with 213 pounds and Moran Lake Beach with 167 pounds.

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