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Tips for Pet Owners/Guardians on July 4th

Traditionally, The SPCA and other area animal shelters see a rise in the number of stray dogs and cats following Independence Day festivities. Sadly, this increase in stray animals also increases the number of animals hit by cars.

The SPCA advises the following precautions to help keep your pets safe:

• Keep your pets indoors or in a secure, confined area where they feel comfortable. If your pet has a favorite blanket or toy, be sure he has that nearby.

• Turn on a radio, television, or fan to muffle the sound of fireworks. Providing common household noises that your pet knows and trusts will help calm your pet if he is alone during the night.

• If possible, do not leave your dog or cat outside during fireworks shows. Once scared, they will often jumps fences and run fast and far from home, not noticing cars or other hazards.

• If your dog begins to whine, pace, and pant, try to distract him by playing his favorite game or having him perform his favorite trick. Petting him and trying to soothe him with your voice might simply reinforce and increase his anxious behavior.

• Ensure that your pet is wearing current identification tags at all times and has a microchip ID (available at The SPCA for $25).

• If you know your pet is frightened of loud noises and flashes of light, such as lightning and thunder, please consult your veterinarian for advice regarding medication

If your pet is lost, please begin checking as soon as possible at The SPCA or your local animal shelter. For more information, call The SPCA at 831-373-2631 or 831-422-4721 or visit www.SPCAmc.org.

....as posted in the Salinas Californian

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