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4 HOME FIRES IN SO. SALINAS 07-05-10 08:15 a.v.

4 houses caught on fire last night in South Salinas including one that belongs to a member in the Salinas Valley produce industry.   The 1st call occurred just before 7 p.m. when firefighters responded to the 1200 block of San Marcos Drive and found a garage engulfed in flames.  The blaze reportedly spread quickly to the rear of the home, which belongs to George Tanimura, co-chairman of the board at Tanimura and Antle Fresh Foods, Incorporated.  No one was home during the onset of the blaze, fire officials say the home was already on fire, when Tanimura arrived at the scene.   The fast moving blaze then spread to 2 other houses directly behind the one San Marcos Drive.   About 2 blocks away, by 7:45 p.m., the roof of a 4th home located on the 1200 block of LaMirada Drive, also caught on fire.  The use of illegal fireworks is said to be the suspected cause of all 4 fires.

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