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CRIB RECALL - national story….. - 06/24/10 07:30 S.S.

A  recall  went out  yesterday  for  more  than  2  million  cribs.  Most  of  them  are  of  the  drop-side variety,  in which a  side rail  moves  up  and  down  (to  allow  people to more easily lift  a child from the crib).      That movable side can, however, malfunction (or detach completely) from the crib,  potentially injuring  (or  trapping)  a  youngster’s head,  arm or leg.    Although drop-side cribs have been around for decades,  they are increasingly coming under scrutiny because they are no longer as sturdily built as those in the past were.


Older cribs had a metal rod that guided the drop side up and down….whereas many of the newer drop-side cribs have plastic tracking guides,  that are more prone to breaking.

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