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Local News

August 2, 2015: Cal Am Water Desal Delayed

(16:45) MONTEREY- A Monterey Peninsula water provider’s desalination project is facing obstacles. California American Water held a special meeting on Wednesday to explore solutions to the stalled project. The desalination project is hung up on conflicting Geoscience in an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and lack of progress on a test well. The meeting concluded a letter asking for an endorsement of extension should be sent to the California Public Utilities Commission in regards to the EIR while the Geoscience conflicts are resolved. The unfinished test well will have to be reviewed by the Coastal Commission, the project is expected to be back on schedule by next summer.





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July 31, 2015: Monterey Drug Bust

(18:49) MONTERET-Authorities arrested a Monterey couple on drugs and weapons charges Friday. Agents with a Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics unit performed a probation compliance search at a resident on the 200 block of Glenwood Circle. Officers seized an assault rifle, two loaded guns, an ounce of heroin, and a pound of methamphetamine. 39 year old Robert Sampson and 37 year old Gabriella Vargas were arrested and booked into county jail.




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July 31, 2015: Fort Hunter Liggett Pot Bust

A major marijuana growing operation was raided on federal land in the Los Padres National Forest last week. The pot field was spotted by U.S. Forest Service helicopters conducting surveillance of Fort Hunter Liggett. On Thursday, agents seized over 55 hundred marijuana plants, with an estimated worth of 16.5 million dollars. The illegal growing operation was suspected to be the work of a drug cartel.




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July 31, 2015: Vineyards Prepare For Early Harvest

(17:39) CARMEL VALLEY- Vineyards around California and the central coast are preparing for an early harvest. Wine grape growers have already began harvesting grapes in July for the second year in a row. Typically wineries prepare to receive grapes in August. The early harvest is thought to have been brought about by misty June conditions as well as the ongoing drought.



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July 31 2015: PG Changes Garbage Service

(16:59) PACIFIC GROVE- Pacific Grove changed its garbage service over the weekend. The move came after the city accept bids for waste removal services for the first time in over 100 years. The city changed from the Waste Management company to Greenwaste Recovery. The city manager’s office says the move will help the community comply with tightening state waste regulations. Even with Greenwaste Recovery’s low bid garbage service is expected to rise 5 to 6 percent.


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