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SJ Hostage 2/15/19 ci 6:30a

one suspect is dead and another behind bars this morning after a tense and bizarre stand off in North San Jose last night. It all began yesterday evening in South San Jose when two suspects were involved in a chase by police. The suspects started firing at police chasing them. According to reports, they jumped out of their vehicle and then hijacked a UPS truck and driver, holding the UPS driver hostage. They ended up in North San Jose at Trimble and First St. where they released the UPS driver. One of the suspects eventually surrendered, while the other burst out of the truck firing a weapon and was reportedly shot by police after 7p.m. SJPD is due to release a statement later today with details on the standoff.

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Rio Del Mar Flooding

Low lying areas of Rio Del Mar are under water today. Constant rainfall over the last several days has left sidewalks, streets and yards under water. Many residents are suffering water damage inside their homes as cars drive through the massive puddles causing water to spash the front of their houses and leek inside. Folks are using sandbags to to help absorb some of the water but they're also keeping an eye on the waves as some are breaking on or over the seawall at Rio Del Mar Beach.

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Sierra Nevada Snow 2/15/19 Ci 7:20

Just in time for the Presidents Day weekend…. Eager skiers and snowboarders are being discouraged from heading to Lake Tahoe to get their fix.

Inter-state 80 in the Sierra Nevada is closed on and off today due to white out conditions. The national weather service issued a winter storm warning thru early Sunday.

The good news is… several feet of new snow will blanket the Lake Tahoe region, so hopefully that snow will stick around for a while.

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Ben Lomond Criminal 1/15/19 Ci 7:40a

Austin lee Combs of Ben Lomond is due back in court this morning facing 21 felonies, six crimes against multiple victims and two misdemeanors.

 Combs is accused of raping a woman, shooting a man in the face and attacking a victim with corrosive chemicals.

 The Ben Lomond man has been in santa cruz county jail since august 20-17… his bail was set at 250-thousand dollars.


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Women Surfers 2/15/19 Ci 8:20a

Female surfers are riding a wave of victory following the introduction of a bill that requires equal prize money for all athletes competing on state property.

 The bill comes after a state lands commission ruling last year for pay equality as a condition for granting a permit for the Mavericks big wave surfing contest.

 Last September,  the world surf league was spurred to pay male and female surfers equally after the lands commission ruling at Mavericks.

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