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Health Officer Asks SC Residents Urged to Stay Home

(News Release)

Santa Cruz County Residents Urged to Stay Home, Stay Safe from COVID-19 on the Fourth of July

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly in Santa Cruz county neighborhoods and throughout the Bay Area, health officials across the region urged residents to protect themselves and the community by celebrating from home this holiday weekend.

The Fourth of July is traditionally a time for firework displays, cookouts and parades, but this year the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many communities to cancel public events. Gatherings with others from outside your household, such as members of the extended family, are potentially risky.

Health officers from across the greater Bay Area say staying home this year is a healthy choice.

“We understand folks might want to gather and celebrate on the holiday weekend. However, this week brought a significant increase in infections in our community. Many came from gatherings of friends or families,” said Dr. Gail Newel, Santa Cruz County Health Officer. “The more we come together, the more COVID-19 spreads. Let’s remember our elders and those who are vulnerable to serious illness. Let’s stay strong and celebrate from home.”

You can spread COVID-19 even if you don’t feel that sick. You can pass the disease to someone else before you have symptoms, even if you never develop any symptoms. When people who have the infection come in contact with high-risk people, there can be deadly consequences.

That is why Bay Area health officers recommend people who are not members of the same household remain physically distant. The best ways to protect yourself and slow the spread of COVID-19 include:

Continue to stay home as much as possible

Practice physical distancing outside the home

Wear face coverings or masks when outside your home

Avoid gatherings with people outside your immediate household

Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently

Stay home from work or school if you feel sick

All Bay Area residents are also encouraged to get tested for COVID-19, and to do so immediately if they have symptoms. For more information about testing and about efforts in your community to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, please visit santacruzhealth.org/coronavirus, call 211, or text “COVID19” to 211211. Residents may also call (831) 454-4242 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., weekdays.


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Education Fund Started For Slain SC Deputy's Kids

Media Release: July 2, 2020

Education Fund for Sgt. Gutzwiller’s Children

The Friends of San Lorenzo Valley with the help of Sheriff Jim Hart, retired Sheriff Steve Robbins, retired Sheriff Phil Wowak, and retired Deputy Mike Pruger have set up an education fund for the children of our fallen Sergeant, Damon Gutzwiller.

Liberty Bank of San Lorenzo Valley graciously offered to partner with the community in helping the Gutzwiller children as they grow. You can make donations at the Liberty Bank branches in the San Lorenzo Valley or mail them to either of the locations below with checks made out to “Gutz’s Kids”. There are also memorial books available to sign at both locations. These books will be given to Damon’s wife Favi and their children to show the enormous support from the San Lorenzo Valley.

We would like to thank the following involved in the Valley Committee: Nancy and Les Gardner, Leslie Steiner, Judy Anderson, Chris Finnie, Robin Muscatelli, Bob Gray, Lynn Robinson, Bob Locatelli, Cindy and Ron Sekkel, Mark and Kathy Stone, Bruce and Mary McPherson, Laura Testa-Reyes, Jim and Michelle Moser, Nancy Macy, George Wylie, and Scarborough Lumber.

Liberty Bank Locations:

6230 Hwy 9 Felton, CA 95018

13233 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

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Monterey Beach Closure Peninsula-wide 7-2-20 15:41 DC

(News Release)

Peninsula-wide Closure of Beaches 
Due to COVID-19 Transmission Concerns 

Monterey, CA – Yesterday’s announcement of an emergency order to close Monterey beaches over the 4th of July weekend has been advanced to include Friday, July 3. The order closes all beaches to the public from 12:01 AM on July 3, 2020, to 11:59 PM on July 5, 2020. Exceptions include all recreational uses of the ocean as outlined in the Order. People found in violation of the beach order are subject to a $100 fine for the first violation, $150 for a second violation, and $200 for a third violation. The Order also closes or limits nearby parking. Parking violations are subject to a $125 fine.

“We have a very compelling reason to close beaches with the spike in COVID-19 positive cases in the County and the anticipation of large crowds coming here to celebrate Independence Day during this three-day weekend,” said City Manager Hans Uslar. 

Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Pebble Beach are following suit and closing their respective beaches. City Manager Hans Uslar said, “I appreciate the uniform approach on the Monterey Peninsula that follows the City’s announcement yesterday to close beaches.  It also sends a strong message to potential violators that we are serious about protecting the public health of our community.”
Governor Gavin Newsom has also mandated beach closures in other parts of California, and closures of State Beach parking lots statewide. He reiterated numerous times his concern about Californian’s ignoring the State Public Health Orders, and has said that ignoring restrictions is not only damaging our fight against the virus, but also our ability to reignite the economy.  

The City of Monterey also mandated a new order on July 1, 2020, that applies an administrative citation of $100 for the first violation for anyone not wearing a mask when required.
Read the Face Covering Emergency Order and the Beach Closure Emergency Order at www.monterey.org/coronavirus   
The Amended Order is available here: https:monterey.org/Portals/0/News/Covid19/20_0702-Amended-Beach-Closure-Order.pdf  

Read the related news release about 4th of July events happening in Monterey: https://monterey.org/Portals/0/Newsroom/2020/20_0629-July-4th-Events.pdf

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Odwalla To Be Discontinued 07-02-20 13:13 S.S.

A  company that began in  Santa  Cruz,  will soon be shut down. Juice and smoothie brand  Odwalla was founded in  Santa  Cruz by  3  musicians in the  1990s,  and sold to  Coca  Cola in  2001.    The last of the  Odwalla juices and smoothies are now scheduled to be sold at the end of this month.   

Reportedly,  Coca  Cola has been debating discontinuing Odwalla for the last couple of years.

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Hate Crime Charge 07-02-20 13:04 S.S.

A  Monterey  man  faces  charges  of  committing  a hate  crime.    That  after  34  year-old  Daniel  Birchell  is believed to have  attacked  a  black  man (without provocation) in  Monterey  on  June  24th.      Reportedly,  Birchell  yelled  racial  slurs  at  his  victim,  before  slapping  a  cell  phone  out  of  his  victim’s  hand.  Video  footage  led  to  Birchell’s  arrest.  He  face  charges  of  batteryvandalismpossession  of  a  controlled  substanceviolation  of probation.....and  committing  a  hate  crime.

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