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Local News

  • 101 Fatality Near Gilroy-3/18/18-1639

    The CHP is investigating a fatal accident that took place Saturday morning. Authorities say that at about 8:15 a.m. A southbound Ford Explorer rear ended another vehicle near Buena Vista Read More
  • Carmel OI Shooting-3/18/18-1635-PMD

    Carmel police subdued a suspect using non lethal force on Thursday. Authorities say that three officers responded to the Carmel Mission to investigate reports of a man with a gun. Read More
  • Gilroy PD Seeks Assistance-3/18/18-1613-PMD

    The Gilroy Police Department is asking the public’s help in identifying two thieves. Authorities say that two women where caputured on surveillance video stealing purses and back packs from the Read More
  • LO Park Arrest-3/18/18-1552-PMD

    A Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputy arrested a suspected identity thief on Friday. The deputy was on a routine after hours patrol of the Jose Avenue park where he spotted Read More
  • Gilroy Cop Arrested-3/16/18-1715-PMD

    A Gilroy police officer has been arrested on suspicion of DUI. Authorities say that 40 year old Geoffrey Geurin was off duty when he was taken into custody late last Read More
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Following the lively debate on the last Saturday Special, in which Mike Rotkin debated Dr. Bill Wattenburg, MZ received several positive responses. One listener, though, was not very impressed. Below are comments from the listener, followed by a response from KSCO owner and Sat. Special host Michael Zwerling...


On May 14, 2012, at 9:13 PM, Edward Grampidude wrote:

> Mr. Zwerling,

> I caught a good bit of the Sat morning show ( 05/12?), with Dr. Bill,
> and some Marxist Prof from UC.
> Dr. Bill lived up to my expectations, meeting BS with simple truth,
> facts and reality. I went through checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin
> in 1962. That was the reality and truth of communism for any who would
> care to see.
> You might say I was disappointed with the way it went.
> I have noticed that the left / socialists / communists / Marxists /
> Islamists / Nazis have a characteristic in common as guests or callers
> into these programs:  They simply talk louder, continuously and over
> everyone else. Even the hosts / moderators are cowed, overpowered, and
> submit to this technique.  They create the illusion of the value of
> their message by the dominance of it.
> It’s embarrassing to see a professional fall into that trap.
> Remember how Hitler /Stalin / Pol Pot, etc, came to power. Remember
> the 172 million people slaughtered in the names of socialism and
> collectivism in all its names and variations. The Big Lie dominated.
> Any amount of lies does not have the probative, educational, radio, or
> entertainment value as an ounce of truth & reality.
> The value (truth , reality) of an argument is not measured by its'
> volume by perceptive people.
> No matter how loud, overbearing, repetitive, domineering, or pervasive
> propaganda is, it has not the value of truth and reality, and doesn’t
> deserve equal weight and exposure.
> It’s a shame you allowed the Big Lie the same or more exposure (value)
> as Dr. Bill’s simple truths and reality. It’s your show and in my
> opinion, your responsibility to mete out your air time – exposure- in
> some ratio to the value – truthfulness- of the content you allow to go
> out.
> Look for the simple summary truths that reflect reality.
> Otherwise, you risk being just another useful fool spreading the Big Lie.
> Sincerely,
> Zgrampidude
> P.S.  I’m sorry I can’t call in due to my speech and hearing problems.
> I could match some BS with my own loud, persistant, overbearing
> monologue.
> PPS  Please extend my best to Your Kay as an ardent fan and admirer.
> It’s always good to hear the truth and reality in  her experience and
> opinions.

Response from MZ:

Congratulations Zgrampidude!

After DOZENS of accolades I received, including giant ones from my mom and from Rebecca Costa (arguably two of the smartest women in the world) as well as a pretty good one from Dr. Bill himself (UNQUESTIONABLY THE smartest MAN in the world--see Google to verify this) YOURS is the first and only email I received that did not RAVE about the program, guests, topic, and host!

Now I agree with just about everything you said about "The Big Lie"...

BUT!  Regarding my performance as a host/moderator:

Is it possible that part of your hearing deficiency is rooted in an inability to hear that which you don't want to hear?

Hmmmmmm....   Worth thinking about.



PS: Thanks for an EXCELLENTLY-worded, articulate email.  I herewith ask our wonderful new webmaster and veteran newscaster Thomas Hughes to publish it, along with my pitiful, sheepish, and unworthy reply to a most prominent and appropriate spot on KSCO.COM .

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