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Local News

  • Free Shred Day Tomorrow 04/20/18A 05:35 S.S.

    A free paper-shredding event is scheduled to be held tomorrow. Up to 50 pounds of paper can be shredded for free, while additional shredding will cost people 25 cents per Read More
  • Development in SC? 04/20/18A 05:23 S.S.

    A developer has submitted plans to construct a 6-story mixed-use (residential/commercial) building where a Taco Bell currently sits on the corner of Laurel Street And Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. Read More
  • Heart Surgeon Charged 04/20/18A 05:14 S.S.

    A  local  heart  surgeon  has  been  charged  with  sexual  battery.      That  after  2  employees  of  Salinas  Valley  Memorial  Hospital  reported  that  they  saw  him  groping  a  patient  after  he  performed  surgery. Read More
  • KC Woman Accused 04/20/18A 03:10 S.S.

    A 20 year-old King City woman is accused of conning a man to drive her to an isolated area, where she robbed and then pistol-whipped her victim. Although the incident Read More
  • Sea Otter Classic 04/20/18A 03:00 S.S.

    The 28th annual Sea Otter Classic kicked off yesterday at the newly-named WeatherTech Laguna Seca. Thousands of mountain bikers are running in dozens of races from now through Sunday. The Read More
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Food Chain Weekly News Topic
Food Chain Radio Show #919
April 11, 2013 • Sat 9AM Pacific

Michael Olson hosts:  Emily Meredith, Animal Agriculture Alliance

& Paul Shapiro, The Humane Society

Should consumers be allowed to know how farmers grow food?
Looking back, its easy to see the farm was a place of living and dying, and that all the living– people, animals, birds, and plants­­– knew what was coming.
We the living tried to be kind to those dying, but try as we might, the process was never really pretty.  Picture, for just one of many possible examples, a barnyard of chickens hopping about without their heads, hearts pumping blood into the air until there was nothing left to pump. Not pretty, unless you were hungry.

We, the living, have since moved to town, and now rely on industrial production systems for our food.  (And hey, to hell with chopping off all those chickens’ heads!)  But our newly found distance from the food we eat allows us to forget about the somewhat messy business of living and dying on the farm.

Living in the city allows us to think we can live without cruelty! And so the farms of industrial agriculture have become targets of those who want to eliminate cruelty.  But whether we can take lives, as we must takes lives, without being cruel, or unseemly, is now the question of the day.  And so we ask…

Should consumers be allowed to know how farmers grow food?

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