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KSCO Commentary: MZ - Fun Sayings

Every once in a while my mom would receive an email, usually a humorous one that she wanted to share with her listeners - she would always thank and give credit to the sender, and to the author if known...

When she did this I would say to her, Mom, you're such an excellent writer and there is SO MUCH in the news to comment about, why don't you just write a new original Kay's Commentary to share? To which she would indignantly reply: I'm not so ARROGANT that if someone sends me something EXCELLENT to share with my audience that I wouldn't do so JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T WRITE IT!!! And she was RIGHT.

I will now share SOME of what my friend Captain JR Anglea sent me recently - - some fun sayings from T Shoits, posters, and bumper stickers.

Russia Didn't Make Me Vote For Trump; Hillary Did!

After A Year Of Zero Evidence Of Russian Collusion, I (Robert Muller) Have Decided To Continue My Investigation For The Simple Reason That Trump Was Not Supposed To Win...

Make No Mistake: Democrats Are Not Branding Themselves As Anti-Trump; They Are Branding Themselves As Anti-American!

I (Abraham Lincoln) haven't Seen Democrats This Mad Since The Republicans Freed Their Slaves!

According To Mainstream Media, photos showing Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Chuck Shumer, or Bush 41 and 43 smiling and posing with Vladamir Putin are fine. But a photo showing Putin shaking hands with Trump means THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!

Trump won 37 states; Hillary won 13. That's why we have the electoral college -- so we're not the United States Of California.

An Uncle Sam - like photo of Putin pointing his finger and saying, "Why would I attack America? You already have Democrats for that!!"

"GOD this holiday SUCKS All this national pride stuff gets on my nerves" Quote from President Obama on July 4, 2013, believing his mike was off.

The Muppets might say to each other: "You can shut down any liberal argument with the F word; FACTS!"

The Quote "Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They're easy to manipulate!" was told by Hillary Clinton to Dick Morris in "Rewriting History" in 2005

"Building a wall will violate the rights of millions of illegals" is a sentence ACTUALLY SAID BY NANCY PELOSI!

Chuck Shumer says, quote: "It;s racist to only allow citizens to vote!"

There's more, but ask yourself this simple question: "Are you an American, or a Democrat?"

If we get enough requests, we'll post it all on KSCO.COM

For KSCO and KOMY, in loving memory of my mom Kay, I'm Michael Zwerling.

Listen to MZ's commentary and enjoy (or don't enjoy) these Mems. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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