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Kay's Commentary 2008-10-24

Download File > The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling: > The U.S. Supreme Court recently made the astonishing decision to not > check into voter fraud in Ohio where thousands registered to vote and > then voted the same day and some may have voted several times because > some admitted to registering several times.> There was no proof of American citizenship ? and that incident was > condoned by the Democratic Supervisor in that voting place in Ohio.> All this was engineered by the corrupt Acorn organization which was > subsidized recently by Obama for well over $800,000, and who at one > time was their legal advisor.> Acorn is now being investigated by the U.S. government, but it is > already too late to fix the voting damage they have done. Their > irregularities are being examined in 14 states.> We the People are living in a Twilight Zone. It’s like a bad nightmare.> Also, when an average American has the opportunity to ask Obama > personally why he, Joe the Plumber, would have to give money to > another American if his profit is over $250,000 from the plumbing > business he hopes to buy. Obama tells him that as President he Obama > expects to ?redistribute the wealth?. That being the case, we no > longer will be living in a democracy. It will be a socialist society > where the wealth is shared if you work or if you do not work.> When Joe the Plumber, within hours of his innocent question to Barack, > has his own entire past scrutinized by the FBI like Joe is a criminal > ? and it is broadcast across the world, We the People are moving > toward having an oppressive socialist administration.> When the American media gives full positive exposure to Obama, and > only little, mostly negative exposure to McCain and Sarah, We the > People are being lied to daily.> The American voters are being snookered. If Obama becomes President, > and his bully handlers take over, and they will ? it will be because > he is an inexperienced figurehead who doesn?t know how to make a > decision, and never had an executive position in his life.> And we will lose our Country as we know it. And, if you don?t care, > vote for Obama.> New thought: Why does Barack Hussein Obama go ballistic and threaten > to sue if his middle name, Hussein, is publicly mentioned? So, are We > the People about to lose our right to free speech alsO'> The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco was engineered and continued by > Democrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, and they and their > Democratic buddies personally made millions for themselves, and now > those lying scoundrels are blaming the Bush Republican administration. > How do we wake up from this lying nightmare?> About Joe Biden ? you?ve got to love that guy’s gaffs that are > sometimes so true. The other day he told us all that if Obama wins, > the world will test him with some attack on the U.S. within six months > of his Presidency.> We think Biden has been sent back home to Delaware and told to keep > his mouth shut until after November 4th.> For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.> Copyright 2008