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kay commentary 7-21-06-tfn

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KSCO 1080 AM radio, Monday 7-17-2006, 8:00 p.m.

The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:

I wrote the following thoughts several days ago. Since then, the world situation is rapidly changing. Israel is at war with Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon, both terrorist organizations funded by Syria and Iran, the latter whose leader more than once has told the world that Israel must be destroyed. Despite my forthcoming remarks, I hope that the U.N. finally comes up with some solutions and advice to justify its existence for the U.S. and other democracies. This is a moment of truth for the U.N.

Not unlike the predictable reaction of Pavlov’s dogs, who learned to salivate happily every time a bell rang, I experience a similar, though negative reaction when thinking the U.N. Created in 1945 in San Francisco after World War II, all the nations who participated were filled with hope that together they could solve the world’s problems peacefully. It was deja vu all over again like the League of Nations created after World War I, which turned out to be a dismal failure.

The U.N. is also a dismal failure. Countries with different basic principles and moral standards can never homogenize. Add to that the inevitable human fact that those endowed with less will hate those endowed with more, and like it or not most in the U.N. hate the U.S.

Also, an organization which Knowingly stands by its dishonest leader Kofi Anan who was a party to stealing millions of dollars from Saddam Hussein’s Food for Oil scandal and who continues to lead the U.N., is doomed to failure because it operates without integrity. So, why do we remain host to this dirty group, and also donate – I believe it is about three billion dollars a year to keep it alive and provide each nation member a place for its representatives to live and be immune from any accountability whatsoever? Are we not crazy? And where is our national self-respect?

Haven’t we seen throughout the years that when we turn to the U.N. for wisdom and counsel, nobody is home? Recently, we have urged the U.N. to come up with solutions for the North Korea problem, which could blow up the planet, and Iran which surely could do likewise, yet no decision is forthcoming, because the U.N. is filled with intrigue, corruption, and prejudice.

Let’s face it, most members hate us with a passion because we are their foolish generous benefactors.

I sound like a broken record, but let’s invite the U.N. to leave the U.S., resign from it, and let’s make an alliance with other democracies whose philosophies match ours, of decency, fairness, and accountability, and move ahead to make the world safer. Maybe then, the rogue nations will fall in line and also care.

As an addendum, here’s another possible, less-extreme solution. The U.N. has been the only kid on the block for 61 years, and has shamelessly vetoed most U.S. suggestions. Thus far, it has cost our Country possibly 61 times three billion dollars.
Before separating irrevocably, why not create a separate united democracies now, and add another perspective and dimension to global solutions. Hopefully then, the U.N., faced with competition, may become energized instead of weak and disengaged, all of which may become a useful tool for true world peace. What do you think?

Also, for those naive souls who believe Kofi Anan is clean, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d love to sell you.

For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling.

© Copyright 2006


Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:

I recently saw the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, a really excellent title for a worldwide issue all of us must sooner or later confront. Go see it.
Kudos to Al Gore for continuing to bring this problem into the open where it belongs. I have not been a fan of Al Gore’s, always having viewed him as somewhat silly or foolish for claiming that the novel and movie Love Story was all about him and his wife, plus his claim that he invented the Internet. Like other politicians, Gore often makes the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the people. On the other hand, putting politics aside, Global Warming is a universal issue, which transcends politics or partisanship.
That having been said, I believe Gore’s sincerity and passion about Global Warming deserves kudos for researching and keeping this concern alive. Not the least of it being his mention about the invention of the electric car introduced about ten years ago and heralded as a very successful alternative to our gasoline-guzzling, pollution-producing automobiles. How come the electric car disappeared very quietly, and why?
Was it the powerful automobile and energy corporations who squelched this reasonable alternative?
Those economic giants making enormous profits NOW care very little about problems of the future.
Another issue discussed in the movie was the Kyoto Agreements in which most of the world’s countries are willing to jointly reduce the pollution in the global atmosphere.
After careful consideration, President Bush declined to have the U.S. participate, and has been ridiculed by the American media because of it. What the media does not mention is that the United States will not participate so long as the world’s two worst polluters, China for sure, and possibly India, are exempt from participation, which makes the Treaties a farce, and an exercise in futility.
Many credible scientists agree that the warming process may have existed for many years; however, the movie explains that lately there is evidence that the damaging effects of Global Warming are suddenly accelerating very rapidly.
Other credible scientists ridicule the immediate concerns saying the Earth has had, for centuries, cycles of warming and then cooling, and then warming. Meanwhile, nothing is being done. Suppose the opinion of poopoo-ing is wrong. Without the bickering back and forth, wouldn’t it be wise and expedient to go on the assumption that Global Warming is a fact, even if it isn’t urgent? Shouldn’t all of us help clean up our atmosphere NOW?
Expecting everyone to switch to bicycles or walking is out of the question, but surely the electric car for every driver in the world including India and China would go a long way toward cleaning up the breathing atmosphere. At least it’s a start.
One dubious friend became a believer in Global Warming when he saw the monster glacier in Yellowstone not too long ago, now almost melted away.

For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling.

© Copyright 2006



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kay commentary (austrailian gu

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7:00 p.m., Sat. 6-3-06

The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:
For as far back as I can remember, eminent domain did not elicit many complaints from the general public. After all, it sounded and felt reasonable. The parameters which American cities had to abide by were fair.

Those leaders who made decisions concerning eminent domain had to be very specific that the law could be used only if it was for the betterment of the entire city or community and not for any one business or individual. For example, if a private parcel was in the way of a proposed highway which would be for the betterment of the entire community or a certain parcel and its location for a public hospital was to better serve the community at large, then certain private parcels may fairly come under those parameters, but only if the owners received fair market value.
However, what has been happening since the summer 2005 is that the U.S. Supreme Court, because of the swing vote of retiring Judge Sandra Day O’Connor, made the shocking, and not well thought out law that cities or other municipalities could take away private property at fair market value so that property could be used by private developers to generate more revenue for themselves and for the city involved.
This outrageous insensitive treatment of property owners forced to give up their beloved homes for developers of communities to make more money is not proper for a free society. It is not the American way. It is unadulterated stealing.
Supposedly we have the finest minds in America serving as Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. How could they let this happen?
Numerous eminent domain issues are now surfacing where the private property owner is on the losing end every time. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices have opened an enormous Pandora’s Box, and the developers and certain cities are salivating because now they can make tons of money legally at the expense of a private homeowner.
Greed is overpowering fairness and creating pain and grief for the innocent property owner, and this is wrong
We citizens must shout loud and clear and tell our U.S. Supreme Court Justices that they have made a grave error and must reverse this disgusting law at once. I don’t doubt that the recent appointees will surely agree to rescind this ruling.
Every citizen should get involved. Even if your property is safe today, tomorrow or sometime later, your home may be taken away. If it’s a referendum we need, let’s do it. Who would like to lead the way?
KSCO AM 1080 has a dynamite signal which can be heard during daytime hours over a third of California, and we will gladly donate air time to urge the public to help get involved and reverse this wrong.

For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling.

© Copyright 2006

kay z commentary 6/16-6/23/06

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kay z commentary 6/16-6/23/06

Download File Kay Z. Commentary 6/16-6/23/06

kay z. commentary 6/3-tfn

Download File Kay Z. Commentary 6/3-tfn