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Kay Commentary 2011-10-22

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The following is a KSCO commentary.  Here is Kay Zwerling:

          Once every eight years, at the very least, we find ourselves politically being confused because I must think about voting for the one person to become our leader. 

          Sometimes it is only once in four years if we are satisfied with the performance of our present President.    This time around it is not the case.   Too many of us believe that Barrack Hussein Obama has been a dismal failure as a President!

          He was totally unprepared because of total inexperience, and he wanted to turn our Country into Socialism, and we say No. 

          I could not have voted for him anyhow because he told Plumber Joe that as President he planned to spread the wealth and within 24 hours punished Plumber Joe by scrutinizing his background pubically for being arrogant enough to ask candidate Obama a difficult question. 

          Also, there is one special aspect of the voting process that I believe is very disturbing – and that is the money to run for President.   

          There are a number of candidates running for President.   And, most probably would handle the job much better than Obama has.   But, because of our process of voting, probably none of them will win.  It is probably the candidate with the most money who will.   And, that is unfair! 

          And, it probably could be Obama again because he is raising a great deal of money.

          That is why I believe we fail as a true democracy! 

          The richest should not become President.  The most confident should win.  Each candidate should spend the same amount of money given to them by our government, and then will the really best candidate win and become President honestly. 

          But, that will never happen.   And, the really best person for the job will never be elected.  

          About this other issue – I believe that We the People should at once demand our Congress to create a law stating that the U.S. government will never again subsidize privately owned businesses.  That was an outrage. 

          This action, if it ever were to happen again, must have the approval of every citizen because every one of us own the government money! 

          So, private people and businesses must use their own private money and not mine and not yours.

For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.

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