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Should Thanksgiving Be The New Black Friday?

There are more and more retailers open on Thanksgiving day trying to get the holiday shopping rolling one day earlier than the historic Black Friday start day. There is quite a controversy surrounding this topic. Some feel it is completely wrong and takes away from the holiday, while others are excited to get an even earlier jump on the sales that the retailers are using to entice customers to leave the turkey behind and get shopping. How do you feel?


What Is On Your Table For Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we would like to know how our KSCO family celebrates. Some people are traditionalists and make sure family recipes that have been cooked year after year are on the table. More and more, there are groups changing up the menus to feature locally available food. Some groups are using the Thanksgiving holiday to cook foods from their own traditional backgrounds and cultures. One common ingredient most all of us share on our tables is that we all love to be surrounded by family and friends. So, how will you be celebrating this year? Please cast your vote on this fun holiday poll, and be sure to tell us what you will be having on your table.



We are leaving thousands in the Philippines to die  while the Pentagon refuses to do  what  the Pentagon  did for hundreds of thousands of other refugees.   It is called the Air Force  “TRIAD”  system that dropped millions of food packages without parachutes  to  Afghan  refugees for months in 2001-2002.  I know.  I helped design it.   See the official Air Force video  that shows this! 

Air Force crews were proud of TRIAD then.   But the present Pentagon generals got no credit for it.   Operational crews in the air force today know they could  have been feeding the Philippine refugees with food packages from the air the day after the typhoon.  All the resources needed are in the Pacific area.  Just ask some of the frustrated base pilots and commanders.  

Lazy  and insensitive  Pentagon staff members are lying to congress members and their own Secretary of Defense  and the White House with   excuses for why we can not drop food packages the TRIAD way.   They are most worried that the press will realize that they did nothing for Haiti and  let thousands  die  needlessly there while our “TRIAD” crews and cargo planes were ready to go a few hours away in Florida.  Congressional leaders and I  pleaded with them to help Haiti.   The Pentagon and White House advisors said  “Let the UN Relief Agency be in charge.  That way we can not be blamed for insufficient relief – the way George Bush was blamed after Katrina.”  The president will learn someday how his advisors allowed thousands to die needlessly  -- and they were poor people who were of no great military value to the U.S. 

As a combat  veteran,  secretary Hagel  should   be embarrassed to his socks when the truth comes out. 

After seeing the TRIAD  video,  ask your self what you would want if your children  were starving and dying in your arms while you watched planes flying overhead. 

The history of how TRIAD came  about is  in the University Public Affairs section at  www.wattenburg.us   


Has Obamacare Affected Your Current Insurance Coverage?

Obamacare has been in effect for about 6 weeks now. Some report they are happy with it, gaining coverage otherwise unobtainable from other insurance companies. Many people are having a hard time with it- either just signing up for it on the faulty website, having been dropped by their own insurance or current insurance rates have gone up. Have you been affected by Obamacare either in a positive way, or negative way? How? Please share, we love to know how our KSCO community is doing.


Election Results 2013- Good Or Bad For The U.S?

Election day was held Tuesday and the results brought forth some big changes. The most significant being Bill de Blasio, being New York City's first Democratic mayor in 20 years. Do you think the results of this election are bringing our country toward the right or wrong direction? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts.


Which Santa Cruz Legend Do You Think Is The Spookiest?

With Halloween in the air, and Santa Cruz bearing lots of history of ghosts and haunted stories, we thought we would ask, which Santa Cruz legend do you think is the spookiest? Is it the infamously famous, Brookdale Lodge with its secret hallways and mystery music? (Incidentally, Brookdale lodge is featured in our news section this week, see below!) Or is it Red, White and Blue Beach with the wandering women at night? Or the haunted house just off Graham Hill Road where people have spotted "the white lady," a women who was murdered in her wedding dress? Do you have any of your own personnel accounts at these places or others? We love a good spooky story, please do tell!


Do You Think The US Government Spying Is Acceptable?

The US has made headlines once again for allegedly spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's via her cell phone. Other European leaders are expressing concern, as well as Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff. What do you think? Do you think the US can justify spying on our allies?


The Celebration of Don Husing's Life

The celebration of Don Husing's life will be held at KSCO Radio on October 19th from 10am to 2pm.

The first 2 hours will be with Michael Zwerling on the Saturday Special, with many old friends and radio family member and the 2nd 2 hours will be food and libations and visiting and listening to Don's voice amongst Hawaiian music. We welcome all to join us.

Where: KSCO Radio Station

When: Saturday, October 19th from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

For further information Call Rosemary Chalmers 831 475 1080.


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