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Kay Commentary 2011-07-02

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The following is a KSCO commentary.  Here is Kay Zwerling:

          This is a rough draft of a story – a true story, which will be told, and more importantly dealt with very vigorously by many in our beautiful Santa Cruz because most of us care very much and once we know about it we will be anxious to participate.  It is an interesting story which involves loyalty, insincerity, greed, and possibly the hopes of personal wealth.  Here goes:

          A person in the Watsonville area bought a very beautiful dwelling there recently, but he decided he wanted to move his house to another location despite the fact that moving his recently acquired dwelling would cost a great amount of money, and he purchased a residential lot very close to our County Fairgrounds, and discovered it was too close because of the loud noises that came from the Fairgrounds.   Despite that important knowledge, or perhaps because of it, this man moved his house to that area close to the Fairgrounds.  

Shortly afterwards he then hired an attorney to plan to encourage the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds to first eliminate the noises and then probably to close down the Fairgrounds altogether.  

Why would this man play out this scenario?   Could it be that he may be a real estate developer and wants to finally own the Fairgrounds land and develop it into many homes and possibly make a financial killing?  

If in fact this is the agenda this man and his attorney plan to pursue, we at KSCO pledge to devote much time, energy, and air time on our radio stations to destroy this plan. 

          Stay tuned for the fireworks and all future developments. 
For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling. 

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