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The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:

What’s occurring in Arizona as we speak is a grotesque situation where it appears that right is wrong and wrong is right. That is to say, the illegals are screaming like they belong here, like they were welcomed here, because they were. Because of our leaders’ delinquencies, illegals in our Country for the past 20-25 years were given the wrong message. They figured if the borders from Mexico were open, they were welcome to come here. Many came for a better life, and who can blame them? Now, we want them to go home.

The blame for this probable five-decade disaster, which is now coming to haunt us, can be laid to our past four to five Presidents, namely: President Bush Sr., President Reagan, President Clinton, President Bush Jr., and now currently for the last 1-1/2 years President Obama.

They all left the borders open knowingly. They broke our laws. Why? Possibly for cheap labor, which could have been obtained from the able-bodied Americans allowed to remain on Welfare indefinitely, which is sad, because those who do no work, and are able to, have no self-respect and dignity. The irony is now illegals are getting the few jobs that are available, and the American citizens are not.

Our President has been telling us lies about the amount of illegals living and working here – he says "maybe 11 million", when it is possibly more like 30 million. We will never really know. And, those immigrants who waited, and became citizens legally, are also very angry that illegals are being given extra perks for breaking our laws. Example: Some free college educations. And, the new legal citizens did the right thing, and they’re not rewarded.

Obama made sure everyone is included in the new universal healthcare debacle, which hopefully will be repealed. That amount of illegals has been soft-pedaled, and not mentioned specifically – because the government will probably be paying the bill for them. They cannot be excluded, and they are accustomed to excellent healthcare here in all U.S. hospital Emergency Rooms.

We the People must demand loud and clear that our borders must be kept closed now! Our jails are already overcrowded with unsavory characters, many from Mexican gangs here illegally, and it is all at our expense, and Mexico may be laughing at us and our stupidity.

The future for America looks bleak. Either we could lose our beloved U.S. by overcrowding illegals, which Obama needs to win another four-year term – or by Obama socialism. Please – let’s wake up before it is too late. Let’s demand our laws be enforced.

For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.

© copyright 2010