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The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:

This may be the most critical week our Country has ever experienced – if Congress finally votes on the future of government-controlled universal healthcare. Obama is fully aware that most Americans reject this Bill – but he wants it so he can usher in socialism and discard free enterprise. The weekly conservative Human Events condenses his agenda this way, while I also include my own concern.

Is this our last chance to take back America?

Dear fellow conservatives,

I am not a person given to dire predictions, but when I say the next several months leading up to 2010 elections may be our last chance to save America from socialism, I am not exaggerating.

You see, right now Barack Obama is desperate, and that makes him dangerous. Sensing that his window of opportunity for "fundamentally transforming" America will slam shut in November, he is rushing to ram through the most radical parts of his agenda by any means necessary.

First on his list is the government takeover of our healthcare system that the American people have made clear that they Do Not Want.

Next is Cap & Trade climate legislation that would drive up the cost of energy use for businesses and homes costing millions of jobs, crippling our economy, and relinquishing American competitiveness to other nations like China for decades to come. Obama is deliberately trying to destroy our beloved Country as we know it.

Then, there is the amnesty and open borders immigration "reform" Bill that Obama has just signaled he wants to put back on the fast track because he knows it will be unpassable after the midterm elections. We now have over 30 million illegals here and Obama does not admit that they are included in our healthcare monstrosity, which will surely bankrupt us.

Indeed, because of the unpopularity of these Bills – and of other radical initiatives such as closing Gitmo – Obama is pushing to enact them now before he loses political power.

And, if he succeeds, this Country will never ever be the same.

That is why it is so important that we conservatives seize the momentum that we have gained in recent months and act now to take back America from those who would destroy us… before it is too late.


P.S. – Last summer, our local Representative Sam Farr on this topic of universal healthcare, during his local hearings announced numerous times that he plans to vote in favor of this despicable Bill whether we the people like it or not. If he votes for it, we must vote him out of office because he will be voting against free enterprise and for socialism, and against the wishes of those he represents.

Friends, please listen – our Country is in grave danger now. If this Bill passes, Obama will not stop until Washington governs every major business in America, sets all our salaries, and controls every aspect of our lives.

For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.

© copyright 2010