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The following is a KSCO commentary.  Here is Kay Zwerling: The title of this is “Israelis Baffled By News Of Defenseless U.S. Soldiers”.

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It would be remiss to let this story go away without exposing the one simple reason why that tragedy had to happen.     Like a broken record, for many years – since Political Correctness was created by the foolish American Left, and spread quickly all over Europe  – in the early 1960s – I lamented the many wrong episodes that P.C. promoted.   Along comes my good friend, former Santa Cruz resident and KSCO talk host, Andy Anderson, who exposed for us what our own media either did not know or was too embarrassed to tell, and that is the following:

Many Israelis, and the rest of us, want to know, why didn’t the soldiers at Fort Hood attacked by the U.S. Army Major – turned terrorist – return fire?

When a Muslim goes Muslim in Israel, he is typically shot to death within seconds by someone for screaming “Allah Ahkbar” and shooting.

In contrast with the Israeli experience, it took ten minutes before a civilian police officer at Fort Hood was able to shoot and stop Muslim fanatic, Nidal Malik Hasan.

During those minutes, Hasan killed 13 soldiers, and shot and injured 30 others.       How could that happen?  How could so many people trained in the strategies and tactics of modern warfare be so defenseless?

The answer – and this may astonish many Americans – is that the victims were unarmed.  U.S. soldiers are not allowed to carry guns for personal protection, even on a 340-acre base quartering more than 50,000 troops.   Is this believable?

So it goes in brain-dead liberal America.  And, our current liberal President vigorously promotes that philosophy.     It is also liberal brain-dead to Mirandize enemies known to want to annihilate Americans.

Fort Hood is a gun-free zone, thanks to regulations adopted in one of the very first acts signed into law by anti-gun President Bill Clinton in March 1993.   Evidently that foolish barbaric law still exists.   Contrary to President Obama’s crocodile tears, his Administration is bent on further disarming the U.S. military and all Americans.   Obama and his people will not rest until every American is a sitting duck.

The upcoming trial turned circus in New York re the Guantanamo Bay criminals will further diminish our respect in our government’s judgment by the world who sees our leaders as unrealistic, weak, and impractical.   God help us!   For your information – Israeli teachers, from kindergarten on up, are also armed; so a Fort Hood type slaughter is highly unlikely at an Israeli school or university.   Israelis who have had to combat terrorism all their lives are not afraid of guns.  They are an armed people, ready, willing, and able to defend themselves and their Country. Unlike indoctrinated Americans, paralyzed by fear and Political Correctness, Israelis understand that people, not guns, kill people.  Put another way – guns never kill people – people kill people. Again, kudos to you Andy Anderson for this urgent clarification.

For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.

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