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Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:
This is in response to the hornet’s nest I stirred up with the
most recent "Initiate the Draft" commentary. You Gary Ransone and
others with the same parental knee-jerk reaction, went ballistic at the
notion of your child having any military involvement whatsoever. You’re
right that I did not want MZ to have to fight in Viet Nam, but had he
been called to serve, he would have gone. The alternative of abandoning
his Country was unthinkable.
My oldest son Lou served in the U.S. Army for three years, part
of it in occupied Germany. My husband Bernard served three years in the
Navy in World War 2, and was on his way to help finish off Japan in
1945. Then, VJ Day happened.
But this is a different world now. Islamic terrorism is real
and barbaric, and will not stop, and has permeated every part of the
globe, so we must have a strong military which will inhibit and
discourage the enemy much more than if we remain weak and vulnerable.
The reaction of those of you who are appalled at the suggestion
that we must be militarily strong, always say there are other ways to
deal with our enemies other than war, but like the far left now in power
they have yet to propose a peaceful solution, or any solution, and
meanwhile the enemy becomes stronger.
It’s tragic and idiotic that the four-month-old liberal-led
Congress is now busy micro-managing the Iraqi war with their foolish
destructive non-binding resolutions which only serve to tell the enemy
that we are buckling and about to give up.
So, to Pelosi and Murtha and the others involved in those
political shenanigans, I say, you have probably blown it for 2008,
proving you’re incapable of true and honest leadership.
To all caring Americans, I say, get real. We are in the midst
of fighting for our very existence.
If we do not confront the enemy as a nation with a formidable
military, we will lose our freedom and everything that is dear to us.
Bullies don’t fool with those who are strong and prepared.
Two years of military training and its attending discipline will
not hurt your sons and daughters, or my grandchildren and great
grandchildren. It will make them stronger and better involved
citizens. Only by being together and militarily prepared will we ever
hope to overcome this evil very organized enemy.
For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling.
© Copyright 2007