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Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling: Let’s call this Random Thoughts. One must believe that the Liberal Left in Congress is so intoxicated with its newly achieved power that they’re making reckless decisions. They are killing their chances of taking political control in 2008. To micro-manage the war in Iraq, and demand to bring the troops home on a specific date, regardless of the opposite opinions of the American military commanders in Iraq, could be political suicide for Pelosi and her friends. They are so drenched with hatred for President Bush and the administration that they are acting irrationally. These irresponsible edicts are tied to a law to approve getting supplies to the troops quickly, which now will be held up by the President’s sure veto. Are Pelosi and Murtha, et al., so bent on going on record for us to deliberately lose in Iraq? The answer is yes. Suppose they prevail and bring our 100,000+ troops home when many of the troops would rather stay and try to win in Iraq. What then will happen? Surely Iran will take over in Iraq. What about the billions of dollars of pork in the Bill to appease many Democrats in order to obtain their vote for this particular issue? Our country is spiraling out of control. Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Syria recently negotiating against the wishes of our leaders. She is giving the U.S. the middle finger and damaging our intelligence and disrespecting the field commanders. Another issue: Shortly before the Presidential election of 2000 between Gore and Bush, some public relations person on the liberal left *forded* the expressions "The American people want this", and "The American people believe this", and many of the public ate it up. How can anyone presume to say exactly what the American people want? It was dishonest, but it was a great gimmick. The uninformed American people of whom there are many took that nonsense to heart and believed the pablum. Gore lost the election in 2000 anyway. Another thought: President Bush, and Clinton, and Bush Sr., and all the other leaders who for over four decades have ignored our borders, now we have 12 million illegals here to support who are making it difficult for Americans to keep their jobs, and are straining our schools and our entire infrastructure. Our hospitals are buckling under the burden of caring for illegals for free while the rest of us who pay our own way must wait many hours in the Emergency Rooms while the illegals are cared for first on our nickels. Shame shame shame on you leaders. You sold us down the river just for votes. And those Mexicans who went through the process to become legal Americans are also betrayed. You have betrayed the American people, and Mexico is laughing at our stupidity as is the rest of the world. Why should the world respect us? For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling. Copyright 2007