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Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling: If the Democrats win in 2008, you can kiss good-bye to the Country which our Forefathers created. In the past, the rule of law, and the Constitution prevailed. In the past, it was the American citizen who was considered foremost. Now, it’s the illegals that the Democrats defer to. Instead of such deference to illegals, why not put forth effort into deferring to our veterans who are ignored and neglected, whose families struggle desperately financially? These veterans have to beg for the help that they were told they would receive when they entered the military. Recently when the vote came up to make English the official language, Hillary Clinton who expects to be President, and Barack Obama who aspires to be President, both voted against making English the official language. Why? Because they want the votes from the illegals who are possibly going to become legal. How about this -- the three prominent Democratic lawmakers, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Charles Schumer, all voted to give Social Security to illegals, but these pandering politicians did not bother to consult We The People first, and it is our money they are giving away. I’m not certain that this has become a law yet. Don’t you have the uneasy feeling that we are losing our core beliefs, that our Constitution is being trashed, and that we are in danger of losing our Country to greedy scoundrels who will betray our laws for the almighty vote? Isn’t this a bad dream that easily could become a reality if we continue in this direction? And, don’t we see President Bush’s conversion before our very eyes? He has the gall to attack those of us who vigorously object to absorbing another 12 million illegals, maybe more. Isn’t it true that the last Presidential predecessors, Bush 41, Clinton 42, and Bush 43, are totally to blame for this catastrophe? They all deliberately left the borders open and betrayed our Forefathers and our nation, and now we are losing our sovereignty, unless we demand to enforce our present laws, and that means no amnesty. Let’s stop making a mockery of our laws. Twelve million illegals can and should go back the same way they came in, through the open borders, taking their American children with them, then they can apply to come back legally. Our laws should be changed so that if illegals have children here, those children are also illegals. Mexico never has any illegal immigrant problem. If someone sneaks in, they are thrown into jail or quickly escorted back to the border. Meanwhile, Mexico continues to unload their criminals and send them to us. And, saps that we are, we take them in and give them benefits. It’s time for us to develop some real backbone, and say Basta, it’s enough already. It’s time to take back our Country.For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling. Copyright 2007