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Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling: Pretty soon, We the People will be voting for the political party, which will lead us for the next four, or eight, years. The outcome is crucial. Do we want big government, or small government?When Clinton’s big government was in charge, he got rid of most of the military, as Obama will probably do. Obama will raise taxes, and continue to expand social welfare so that the weaker or less motivated to work can be taken care of. Without going further, let’s all agree that no matter which party is in power, the elderly, handicapped, and the truly needy, should always be helped unconditionally. I would like to focus upon the moral changes where citizens in big government know that no matter what, the government will take care of them. That attitude is morally destructive, and it produces physical and mental weaklings. It takes away self dignity and self respect. Clearly the liberals in office like big government because of the enormous and powerful perks that go on for them. Those who receive welfare vote for the liberals to remain in office because liberals are their saviors. But those gullible dependents are trading in their own pride and self-respect for government security. How sad.Less government is best because every able bodied American must be responsible for himself, or herself, and the pride and dignity maintained is a million times more valuable than big government handouts. Currently we see the moral decay taking place in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where 17 girls from age 15 through 17 have chosen to become pregnant and proud of it. Where is the shame? Why the proud arrogance? These girls plan to raise their children together. Who will pay the expenses? It will not be their parents who did not give them the moral parameters and backbone to abstain. Since big government via social welfare has gladly given other young unmarried mothers free apartments and free money, their parents have been off the hook. That is because We the People are supporting the delinquency. What’s to worry? I think the situation stinks.When high schools are providing nurseries for the loose teenage mothers so they can stay in class and have other schoolmates envy them, while We the government pick up the tab, society is condoning something terribly wrong. Our once proud responsible country is going into the sewer, all of which is the fault of big government or Big Daddy. That reason alone underscores why these misguided shameless girls and parents prove we must vote for small government, and that means John McCain. He is not the perfect choice offered, but he is infinitely better than Obama who is a carefully chosen extremely liberal puppet who is not running the show. The fact that he is black is a plus for our democracy, but I believe, like good wine, he is not yet mellowed enough to lead the nation. For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling. Copyright 2008