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Download File The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling: The title of this is Bully Boys, and it is a brief history of current White House thuggery. Lately I have been feeling that our federal government is now in the hands of Chicago gangsters. Then, today, I read the short article in Human Events, written by Michelle Malkin, author of the current best seller called ?Culture of Corruption ? Obama and his team of tax cheats, crooks, and cronies?. Malkin states ’six months into the Obama Presidency, it should now be clear to all Americans ? Hope and Change came to the White House wrapped in brass knuckles.Note: The Congressional Budget Office (or CBO) is supposed to be a neutral scorekeeper, not a water boy for the White House.But, when the meeting failed to stop the CBO from issuing more analyses, undercutting the healthcare savings claims, Obama’s Budget Director, Peter Orszag, played the heavy. Orszag warned the CBO in a public letter that it risked feeding the prospective re the budget ?It is exaggerating costs and underestimating savings. Message ?Leave the number fudging to the Boss. Capishe. Numerous other issues are occurring where the Administration diminishes credibility of anyone announcing something honest, which Obama does not agree with, so that person is publically discredited, like General Gerald Walpin, whose words were dismissed and slimed because ?The General is now confused and disoriented and disoriented, therefore he has been fired?. On the contrary, General Walpin is sharp and not senile, and is presently suing to have his job back at Americorp ? but now that Michelle Obama is in charge of hiring for Americorp, he is being ignored because Obama is running the show. This unjust treatment of General Walpin is despicable. Many other similar issues are underscoring the fact that all said must be Obama’s way ? or the highway. Concluding, as Malkin puts it clearly ? in the mafia culture, Bully Boys depend on a code of silence and allegiance called omerta. Not only among their brethren, but among their victims.However, the victims of Obama thuggery are no longer cooperating.Before long, some of the enforcers also may start to sing. So, it looks like my uneasy feelings are justified. For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling. copyright 2009