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Download File Sat. 5-13-2006, 11:00 a.m. editorial:

The following is a KSCO commentary.

Here is Kay Zwerling: As a once longtime Democrat, for many years, I remember proudly voting for the first time at age 21 and thereafter never missing an election, aware that the ability to vote is the greatest right we Americans have. I have felt frustrated often hearing certain peers and young people say that they’re so disenchanted with government corruption whichever party is in power that they don?t vote at all. And that is a copout.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing. And we usually get the government we deserve. In the 1940s, when the Democratic party was led by strong leaders like FDR who created national programs to pull us out of the Great Depression, I felt proud to be a Democrat. FDR engaged the country on a regular basis with his famous fireside talks and families gathered together to listen to him on the radio. We all cared. The Republicans then didn’t like, in fact, some of them hated FDR because he was a successful leader and he continued to remain in power after the traditional two terms when he was elected to a third. The Republicans then like the Democrats now, were miserable because of jealousy.

And when we closed ranks and joined England and France to finish off Hitler and Germany during World War II, FDR and Winston Churchill, the dynamic leader of Great Britain’s war effort, were an awesome, and in many ways a beloved twosome. Many Americans were shocked and appalled when President Roosevelt at that time chose to deny a ship full of Jewish immigrants from Germany to land in New York Harbor. He sent them back to Germany to die in Hitler’s ovens. Ironically now we have room for 11 million illegals from Mexico. That episode of Roosevelt’s was unforgivable. And it may have, and should have, haunted him forever. About the Democratic party of today, it has been self-destructing since Bush won. It is desperate for power, vindictive, and it makes no po