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The following is a KSCO commentary. Here is Kay Zwerling:

Weighing in on the present immigration mess, first, close the borders, ignore the marchers who wish to undermine our laws. Those here illegally must obey the laws, must learn English, vote in English, apply for citizenship, and wait the same amount of time as those who come in legally. No drivers’ licenses, no voting rights until they become legal citizens. That’s what I think. No more amnesty. Furthermore, no more voting ballots in any language other than English. (That’s idiotic.) No more pandering to foreign newcomers.

All of these related troubles stem from weakling leaders in both political parties whose main concern is, and has always been, reelection and vying for newcomers’ votes. Those leaders willingly left the borders open. Both political parties, for over two decades are responsible for the eleven million illegals here. Thank you President Ford, thank you George Herbert Walker Bush, thank you President Clinton, and George W. for your deliberate failures. Since the word felon has been used so loosely, and then crossed out, I submit it is our delinquent leaders, Presidents, and Congress, who by their inaction in upholding the laws of our land are the real felons. There is only one special political leader, like a voice in the wilderness, that stands out, who for years pleaded with the legislature to protect our borders from illegals, criminals, and terrorists, and to him we must say Kudos to you Tom Tancredo because you cared and you tried. And another thing, the tail must stop wagging the dog. About the UCSC student protests re the military recruiters being on campus, the students should be expelled for leaving their classes, and We The People should withdraw public funds to help them. They are in school to learn their subject matter and not to make policy for the University and the Country.

And the wimpy delinquent faculty better shape up or they should be fired. About the Regents who approve enormous salaries