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Download File So, when my husband and I, and our two little cherubs, came to Santa Cruz to live in 1947, he had recently been released from the U.S. Navy at Treasure Island. Coming from New York, this little slice of Heaven was unbelievable, peaceful, and beautiful ? a welcome bit of culture shock after life in the Big City. The then two-page Sentinel News at that time delighted us, because the most exciting item of news was that Mrs. So-and-so went over to San Jose yesterday. What a great place it was to raise a young family. MZ came along three years later with a virtual radio in his little hands. Then, at that time, homes had intercoms in all rooms, and I would wake the children with KGO, one of the early trailblazers of interactive news talk radio. We used to wonder how come this paradise had not yet been discovered by others, and, of course, we were glad. The population of the City was 12,500. People from the very hot valley came here to retire and to die, but they did not die because our climate was so moderate and life was so peaceful and happy. In the 1940s, back east, people died at the old age of 62. So, here again, it delighted my optometric husband when a 75-year-old woman came in to be examined, and when she was finished she asked if he had time to examine her 95-year-old mother waiting in the car. What can I say ? all things considered, life was good then People liked each other. Then came the University, and the educated elitists, and everything changed. Some of the professors brought along (their extended) families, and they wanted to close the gates of Santa Cruz. They also brought their new left philosophies and began to impose the same upon their students, and the City, and the County. Now, we have sometimes vicious political polarization ? the fanatic left want to lead, as I say, the City and the County, and because once they got here, they wanted to stop growth ? all growth. So, for the past 40 years, no growth became the leftist leaders? agenda. They became business unfriendly, and we have been going downhill ever since. Our business and social reputation in the Country and the world are totally negative ? and we are totally broke ? and now our leaders want business to come back to Santa Cruz. How simplistic. Their restrictions and regulations chased business away for decades. Now, they hire experts to come and evaluate what they should be doing to stimulate business. Well, the latest expert came and was paid $50,000 just to tell the City Council that the trouble with Santa Cruz is that it is business unfriendly. Duh. Many of us who live here have told that to our liberal leaders for years, for nothing. So, this is the saga of well-meaning, foolish, misguided Santa Cruz political leaders. And, about controlling growth, it becomes more crowded every day. For KSCO and KOMY, this is Kay Zwerling. Copyright 2005