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  • 101 Roadwork-7/27/17-1630-PMD

    There will be alternating lane closures on Southbound U Highway 101 at Rocks and Cannon Roads. Caltrans is removing signs and replacing them beginning at 9:00 a.m. The closure should Read More
  • AgWorker Pesticide Study-7/27/17-1608-PMD

    The results of a study performed last summer on the effects of pesticide exposure on Salinas Valley residents are under preliminary review. The study used gps data and chemical sensitive Read More
  • SC Man Missing-7/27/17-1606-PMD

    The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s assistance in locating at risk missing man. 31 year old Mathew Harmon.Harmon was reported missing by friends and was last Read More
  • SC Hazmat Incident-7/27/17-1601

    Hazmat crews responded to a report of an unknown toxic substance behind a Santa Cruz dumpster yesterday (Thurs). Shortly before 7:30 a.m. crews from Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and Watsonville Read More
  • Sewage Closes Monterey Beach-7/27/17-1559-PMD

    A Monterey beach has been closed due to a sewage spill. City officials closed MacAbee Beach near Cannery Row after a sewage spill was reported on Tuesday. The beach will Read More
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Flooding, Road Closures As Heavy Rains Fall On Saturated Ground

After years of praying for rain, Santa Cruz County has had more than its fill. Looking for something to bet on now that the Super Bowl is in the past? Try betting on whether 17 will stay open!

Take A Look At Some Local Flooding

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The following is a KSCO commentary.  Here is Kay Zwerling:

Some foreign treaties or agreements that our leaders make are totally idiotic and blatantly benefit the other country involved.   

          Case in point:   Please listen to this recent citizen petition which I received and will quickly sign and return.   

          It is possible that our Congress will do nothing with this petition. 

WHEREAS the U.S. Commissioner of Social Security signed a so-called “Totalization Agreement” with the Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute, and   

WHEREAS the totalization plan may permit illegal immigrants from Mexico who have only worked 18 months in the United States to get a lifetime of Social Security payments funded by we U.S. taxpayers, and    

          WHEREAS the cost of paying Social Security to millions of illegal immigrant workers would bankrupt our Social Security, and   

          WHEREAS individuals who have violated America’s immigration laws should not be permitted to benefit from their illegal activities, and 

          WHEREAS providing Social Security to illegal immigrants is unfair to American workers who have paid into the Social Security system, and are counting on it for their retirements, finally,

          WHEREAS the Constitution of the United States provides that citizens may petition the federal government to take action.  

          Therefore, We the People demand that Nancy Pelosi bring the law called Social Security for Americans only Act, HR160, to the floor to be voted on by the House now to protect once and for all those of us who have funded the Social Security and exclude those Mexicans who have not. 

P.S. – I broadcast this commentary a while ago for only two days – and then removed it to check why the “Social Security for Americans only Act HR160 which was introduced by Ron Paul in January 2009, two years ago, to protect Americans, has remained in limbo, and has not been voted on.

It is because of the disloyal Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who really want to share our Social Security with illegal Mexicans.   

Pelosi will not allow this Act to be voted on.   We must force her to do so. 

We must also demand that Sam Farr, Barbara Boxer, and Dianne Feinstein vote yes on yes on this Bill.   

It is imperative to be loyal to your own Country!   

Why do the Democratic bleeding hearts care more about illegals than they do for their own American citizens? 

One wonders what diabolical instincts direct some people to always choose to give enormous perks to those who are illegal – at the expense of We Americans, while those who enter our Country legally are totally ignored and punished for being legal!  

For KSCO, this is Kay Zwerling.

© copyright 2011

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