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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- December 28th 2013- Year End Special:  The Next Step in World Domination-  Guests: Rich Lieberman- Radio Host and Blogger and Forrest Jaddick- Tech Guru

    In the first hour, MZ and his guest Forrest D Jaddick announce the next step in the building of the next media giant that will be KSCO.  Video streaming is one part of the next upgrade to KSCO.  Soon you'll be able to watch hosts, guests and strippers (hopefully).  The ability to watch the live operations in the nerve center of ZBS Broadcasting is just a small part of "The Next Step" of the big plan. 
    Rich Lieberman joins MZ and his assistant for the second hour as calls are taken from the listeners.  Listen for everything from technical glitches to bad jokes, even some singing just to end the year right.  Don't miss 2013's Final Edition of "The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling".

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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- December 21st 2013- Guests: Roy Masters and Andy Anderson- Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson and His "Anti-Gay" Remarks

MZ, Roy Masters and Andy Anderson take calls from the audience about the latest flap in the news.  A&E television has suspended "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson for making comments about gay people and their lifestyle during an interview with GQ magazine. What has ruffled the feathers of the LGBT community and why do they have their sights set on this popular reality tv star?  Is Phil Robertson's goose cooked?   Find out in this edition of  The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling!

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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- December 14th 2013- The Karaoke Experiment

Listen in as MZ is joined by Eve and Ken Whittaker of Karaoke Sound Company.  MZ boldly goes where no radio program has gone before and embarks on a new mission in experimental radio.  Take a break from politics and get ready to enjoy yourself.  This promises to be the best show in the history of the universe!  Check out Karaoke Sound Company online at:  and  Check them out on Facebook:

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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- December 07th 2013- Creating Change in the World- Guest: Kyle Thiermann, World Activist and Founder of Surfing for Change

Kyle Thiermann is a Santa Cruz native, professional surfer and a world activist on a mission to create change by spreading information.  At the age of 18 Kyle started a project that uncovered the  exploitation of a Chilean surfing village.  A proposed coal power plant in the fishing and surfing village of Constiticuion would result in in the death of the village and it's culture. The film's success has led some investors to move over 690 million dollars from the builders of the proposed power plant. Find out what his next project is and how you can help by checking out his website:  Surfing for Change

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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- November 30th 2013- Who's Gaming the System and Stealing Your Money?

A phone call to radio station KLBJ has sparked a huge outcry from conservatives and liberals alike.  Is the average working American a fool for working?  That question might seem absurd at first but listen to the phone call from an admitted Welfare recipient and her reasoning behind not working.  Some have suggested the phone call was a hoax, but still it makes us ask ourselves, "Are we fools for working?".

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Special Guest: Zoltan- Chemtrails and the Dangers They Pose

This week's special guest is Zoltan, a concerned citizen and opponent of Chemtrails.  Are Chemtrails real or are they just the workings of the paranoid?  Find out what everyone should know about what's being spread across the land of our great nation.

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Special Guest: Dr Bill Wattenburg- How  bureaucracy and Incompetence are Directly Responsible for the Loss of Lives in the Philippines

The total number of lives lost in the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan has climbed to over 3,600.  People in dire need of safe food and water are dying because supplies sent by relief organizations are not reaching their desperate targets.  Dr Wattenburg joins MZ this week to expose how  bureaucracy, arrogance and incompetence have caused the unnecessary loss of hundreds of lives.

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Guest: Pharmacist Ben Fuches- The 4 Dimensions of Healing and Disease

This is your invitation to an intense, fast paced journey to discover how the human body works.  What are the 4 dimensions of healing and disease?  This week's show is about addressing the causes of degenerative diseases and how to treat and prevent them.  Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness play a bigger role in good health than most scientists will admit.  Join MZ and Pharmacist Ben for this week's  "Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling",  now you can explore yourself without sinning (or making a mess).

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