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Ami Horowitz - Stockholm Syndrome

Sweden admits more asylum seekers per capita than any European nation. The government provides substantial support to immigrants including, financial, housing, and education services. In response, the immigrant community has settled in ghettos or enclaves so culturally opposed to their host country that Swedish police consider them "no go zones". Incidence of rape and other violent crimes has skyrocketed. Is Sweden nobly bearing the burden of a humanitarian crisis or are they foolishly endangering their own culture and well-being?

Watch this provocative video and do your own research.

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Is Global Warming Real?

On one hand there is evidence that there has been a substantial public relations effort, funded by big oil companies like Exxon, to discredit the theory that anthropogenic (man made) climate change is a grave concern. On the other hand, hacked "climategate" emails appear to provide evidence that the "Hockey Stick" climate scientists are doctoring the evidence in order to manipulate public policy.

The stakes are no less substantial than our economy or our lives.

Brush up on your climate debate knowledge with these articles below. Remember, if you really want to have a strong position, study the opposition.

Your Vote Is Needed, But Your Comment Is Most Important

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Is There A War On Men?

On November 30th, on KSCO Presents Georgia, Georgia tackled the question of the treatment of Men in contemporary society. Georgia described herself as an "anti-feminist" and cites several statistics demonstrating that Male pay along with participation in the work force has collapsed in concert with a decrease in successful marriage rates and fertility. She sparked a heated debate around topics like "Has feminism gone too far?", "Are men being abused by the legal system?" and "Why are men giving up?"

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