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Interview with Ziek McCarter Frontman of 'best new live band in America' Con Brio on It's A Question of Balance

Ruth Copland interviews Ziek McCarter, bandleader and vocalist of the funk-soul band Con Brio. Con Brio has a reputation as being a phenomenal live band due in part to Ziek McCarter’s charismatic performance, which has been compared with a young James Brown or Michael Jackson. KQED Arts describes band leader and frontman Ziek as channelling “the pained emotion of Otis Redding, the suave edge of Sam Cooke and the solid dance moves, splits and all, of James Brown.” Listen to the interview here It's A Question of Balance - Ziek McCarter (broadcast on February 4). Formed in 2013, Con Brio comprises seven musicians with diverse backgrounds but a shared love of the vibrant Bay Area funk and psychedelic-soul sound pioneered by groups like Sly & the Family Stone. By 2015 the San Francisco band was a West Coast institution due to their captivating live show and, after spending 2015 touring the US and Europe, the international online magazine PopMatters declared Con Brio “the best new live band in America”. In 2016 Con Brio recorded their first full-length studio album Paradise, teaming up with legendary producer Mario Caldato Jr known for his work with the Beastie Boys and Beck amongst others.

For more info and to hear previous shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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MZ Hosts "The Undertaker"

MZ was joined by Andrew Danielsen from Pacific Gardens Chapel in Santa Cruz, an actual, real life undertaker for Jan 28th's Saturday Special!

What better way to perk up your day than a frank contemplation of what happens to your remains when you die.

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What Now USA? on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

After the President's inauguration, we ask ‘What now USA?’ For the show's Out and About feature Ruth Copland interviews people at the Santa Cruz Women’s March to find out what participants would like from the new President and Administration, and why. She speaks to both men and women, and people aged 18 to 80. Listen to the show here It's A Question of Balance - What Now USA? (broadcast 28 Jan). For more info on the show visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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Renowned Marine Photographer Jodi Frediani on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Ruth Copland interviews Jodi Frediani, whose incredible photographs of whales, dolphins, and marine life have featured in national newspapers and permanent collections around the world. Listen to the interview here It's A Question Of Balance - Jodi Frediani (broadcast Jan 21st). We talk about her journey through the flower power of the 60s, travelling all over Africa and Europe, giving Yoko Ono relationship advice, and how (having received her first camera at the age of 12) she became such an incredible marine-life photographer.

With a bachelor’s degree and graduate certificate in Art/ Photography, Jodi’s graduate photo project ‘Our Other Homeless’ highlighted the plight of abandoned cats and dogs, euthanised in the thousands by shelters when homes can’t be found. Her photographs were incorporated in books and magazines and exhibited from coast to coast. Jodi has photographically recorded adventures, people, places, and animals across Africa capturing on film an array of incredible animals including elephants and cheetahs. For the past 7 years, she has focused on marine species of the Monterey Bay in California, and for the last 15 seasons Jodi has been swimming with and photographing the North Atlantic humpback whales in the warm waters of the Silver Bank Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Dominican Republic, where she also helps gather fluke ID photos for research. This non-invasive data collection helps scientists to discover where whales spend their time. Jodi has also spent time swimming with and photographing humpback whales in Tonga. 

For more info and to hear previous shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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Internationally Best-selling Author Veronica Roth on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Ruth Copland interviews Veronica Roth, internationally best-selling sci-fi/ fantasy author of the hugely popular Divergent series of novels and blockbuster movies. Listen to the interview here It's A Question of Balance - Veronica Roth (broadcast on Jan 14th). The Divergent trilogy has been adapted into a blockbuster series of films starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James. The first Divergent film grossed $270 million in global box office and Veronica is one of the top-selling authors in the world. Veronica is making her only Bay Area appearance at Santa Cruz High on January 23rd courtesy of Bookshop Santa Cruz to launch her new highly-anticipated book Carve The Mark. Sure to sell out, advance ticket purchase is a must (info at bookshopsantacruz.com). 

Veronica writes young adult (YA) fiction and believes that reading fosters empathy and curiosity, qualities that are especially important for young people to develop. Research shows, however, that 55% of YA fiction is bought by readers over the age of 18 - so she has plenty of adult fans too all over the world! Join me and Veronica to find out why her work is so popular. For more info on the show and to listen to podcasts of previous shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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Remembering Kay Zwerling

Kay Zwerling 1921 - 2017

A Tribute To Kay Zwerling Featuring Kay's Commentaries

KSCO is sad to report the passing of our matriarch, Kay Zwerling, at age 95.

Kay was one of the original fans of talk radio -- and was responsible for introducing her son Michael to talk radio at an early age.

Kay and her husband Bernard, were very encouraging and supportive of their son Michael's acquisition of KSCO back in January of 1991.

Over the years Kay became a familiar talent on KSCO by writing and recording commentaries that were broadcast several times throughout the day on KSCO for more than fifteen years. In 2011, at the age of 90, and in response to many requests by listeners, Kay compiled many of her commentaries into a book, "For KSCO, I'm Kay Zwerling."

A public celebration of Kay's life will take place in the Spring and be announced on KSCO.

Kay's Jokes

"What an amazing lady -- a true force of nature! My condolences to the great MZ and the entire KSCO family." - David Ferrell Jackson

Pot vs. Alcohol

"So sorry MZ. I was very honored to have known Kay and to have her at my home a few years ago during the holidays." - Dan White

Islamic Terror

"My wife and I had the great pleasure to spend time with this great Lady. She will be missed. If you have not bought her book to find out more about her, I highly recommend it as a national treasure to add to your personal library. Our thoughts and prayers for the Michael Zwerling family." - Mike & Earline Ponder

My Mothers Ground


"My deepest condolences... What a wise woman she was. I wish I had the chance to meet her. She leaves a great son behind. Highest Regards" - Richard Veil

Political Correctness

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