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Georgia Takes A Stand For Logical Thought Yet Again, This Time Regarding Syria

Having committed to supporting the president, but "holding his feet to the fire" if the need arose, Georgia demonstrated her integrity this Wednesday by calling into question the knee jerk response to the alleged Sarin gas attack in Syria. "Is is at all possible that Trump restocked the swamp instead of draining it?", Georgia asks, in this riveting radio segment. Articulate and intelligent as ever, agree or disagree, your geopolitical juices will get flowing if you listen in. Pay attention toward the end as the topic turns from Syria to Zionism. MZ's going to pick that up and run with it and you should too, on this Saturday Special.

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Lead Actor Jake Robbins and Producers from James Franco's 'Actors Anonymous' on It's A Question of Balance

What does it really take to make it in Hollywood? James Franco's story reveals how unglamorous the acting world can be. 

This week Ruth Copland's guests are from the Hollywood film 'Actors Anonymous' starring James Franco, Scott Haze and Jake Robbins. The story is based on James Franco's book of short stories about the acting life. The film shows the underbelly of LA and how the path to acting success can be very rocky, if not dark, and considers what success in art and in life really means. The public image of Hollywood is very glamorised and we don’t really see all the people who never hit the big time and what they might have done in order to try to make it and/or how committed they are to their art. Join me as I talk to the producers Chris Abernathy and Tim Astor, and lead actor Jake Robbins, about how and why the film got made 8-9 PM on Saturday.

For more information and to listen to previous shows click here It's A Question of Balance

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How Can We Prevent Fake News? Award-Winning Broadcast Media Expert Stewart Purvis on It's A Question of Balance

There are different aspects to fake news, the corrosive phenomenon that is pervading American life right now. These include wilful dissemination of untruths, amateurish reporting, lack of fact verification, and social media news delivery. Ruth Copland explores with her special guest Stewart Purvis how we can prevent fake news in all its forms.

Ruth Copland's guest is highly regarded UK media professional, Stewart Purvis, who has over four decades experience in broadcast media including TV and radio reporting, production, editing national news services, running a media business, and broadcast regulation. Stewart has won awards for documentaries and news from the Royal Television Society and BAFTA, and for his services to broadcast journalism was awarded by the Queen a CBE, one of the highest British civilian honours. In addition Stewart was a visiting professor at Oxford University, Professor of Journalism at City University, and has co-authored two books, one about the Cambridge super spy Guy Burgess, and one about when journalists cross the line. Listen by clicking here How Can We Prevent Fake News? (broadcast 8 April).

For more info and to hear past shows click here It's A Question of Balance

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Award-Winning Director Mark Pellington on It's A Question of Balance

Mark Pellington directing Shirley MacLaine in her new film 'The Last Word'.

This week as her special guest from the arts Ruth Copland is pleased to be interviewing Mark Pellington, whose highly creative career spans three decades and represents a multi-media exploration in all narrative forms. Internationally recognised for his work with music videos, he’s worked with some of the biggest bands on the planet, as well as directing popular TV shows and highly-regarded feature films, such as 'Arlington Road' and 'The Mothman Prophecies'. His latest feature 'The Last Word' starring Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried, had its world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley. Mark also creates art films and has collaborated with William Burroughs and Jenny Holzer on text/image pieces.

We talk about Mark Pellington's ground-breaking work at MTV and in the world of music videos; his art film Honesty; the potential of art to process trauma and heal; working with Shirley MacLaine on 'The Last Word' and much more. Listen here Mark Pellington | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 1 April)

For more info and to listen to past shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com


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Talented International Film-Makers from Turkey and Australia on It's A Question of Balance

As part of her coverage of the 2017 Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley, Ruth Copland talks to some very talented international film-makers about their unique stories and the power of film.

Ruth talks to Turkish Human Rights expert and film-maker Ruken Tekes about her life, work and award-winning short film The Circle, which had its California premiere at Cinequest. Listen here Ruken Tekes | It's A Question of Balance. The film is set in a 12,000-year-old Mesapotamian ancient city which is slated to be flooded in 2017 to create a dam. It is based on true events and features 39 local children. It tells the story of Zelal, a petite 7-year-old whose different ethnic and religious background leads to trouble in the small school she attends on the day the teacher announces the letter of the week is ‘O’. It is a subtle and moving film, artfully capturing the natural beauty of the region and the different aspects of its characters. The film is the debut of Ruken Tekes and is an artistic exploration of the global reality of discrimination through the true story of the Ezidi Circle. The Circle has won best film awards at multiple International Film Festivals. 

Ruth also talks to Australian director and writer Romi Trower about her art and first feature film What If It Works? a romantic and endearing film the unlikely subject of which is the burgeoning love between obsessive-compulsive and germaphobic Adrian, who spends his lonely days performing monotonous rituals and his equally lonely nights driving his race car, and Grace, a whimsical street artist suffering from dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities). Mental illness is increasingly in the news and What If It Works? takes a difficult subject and injects it with humanity and light. Listen here Romi Trower | It's A Question of Balance

For more info and to listen to past shows visit It's A Question of Balance.

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TALKERS Personality Profile: MZ

TALKERS Personality Profile: KSCO, Santa Cruz Owner, Michael Zwerling. One of the most colorful owner/operators of a local radio broadcasting company, Michael Zwerling, is the subject of an audio personality profile posted today (3/20) on Talkers.com. Since 1991, Zwerling (known to his friends and colleagues as “MZ”) has owned heritage news/talk 10k flamethrower KSCO-AM 1080. The station puts out a giant signal covering the Monterey Bay area as well as huge swath of Northern California territory. KSCO first went on the air in 1947. Zwerling has subsequently gained a national reputation for his unique ownership and management style that has turned KSCO into a dynamic combination of mostly locally produced content punctuated by carefully selected national programming. Under Zwerling’s guidance, KSCO is financially fueled by a potent combination of traditional advertising sales and the generation of non-traditional revenue. In the hour-and-a-half interview conducted by TALKERS founder Michael Harrison, Zwerling discusses what it has been like operating a conservatively oriented station (featuring Rush Limbaugh) in a predominantly liberal market. He talks about his early, quirky days in broadcasting, the nuts-and-bolts of local radio station ownership in the modern era, the pros and cons of carrying Limbaugh over the years, his late mother and locally beloved broadcaster, Kay Zwerling, and his remarkably lucrative relationship with the multi-level marketing health products company, Youngevity. To listen to this candid dialogue with the man described by Michael Harrison as one of the most interesting and eccentric owners in radio today, please listen below.

Michael Harrison Interview With Michael Zwerling

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