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TALKERS Personality Profile: MZ

TALKERS Personality Profile: KSCO, Santa Cruz Owner, Michael Zwerling. One of the most colorful owner/operators of a local radio broadcasting company, Michael Zwerling, is the subject of an audio personality profile posted today (3/20) on Talkers.com. Since 1991, Zwerling (known to his friends and colleagues as “MZ”) has owned heritage news/talk 10k flamethrower KSCO-AM 1080. The station puts out a giant signal covering the Monterey Bay area as well as huge swath of Northern California territory. KSCO first went on the air in 1947. Zwerling has subsequently gained a national reputation for his unique ownership and management style that has turned KSCO into a dynamic combination of mostly locally produced content punctuated by carefully selected national programming. Under Zwerling’s guidance, KSCO is financially fueled by a potent combination of traditional advertising sales and the generation of non-traditional revenue. In the hour-and-a-half interview conducted by TALKERS founder Michael Harrison, Zwerling discusses what it has been like operating a conservatively oriented station (featuring Rush Limbaugh) in a predominantly liberal market. He talks about his early, quirky days in broadcasting, the nuts-and-bolts of local radio station ownership in the modern era, the pros and cons of carrying Limbaugh over the years, his late mother and locally beloved broadcaster, Kay Zwerling, and his remarkably lucrative relationship with the multi-level marketing health products company, Youngevity. To listen to this candid dialogue with the man described by Michael Harrison as one of the most interesting and eccentric owners in radio today, please listen below.

Michael Harrison Interview With Michael Zwerling

View The Full Article On TALKERS

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Are we willing to let others be who they truly are? Film-Makers from 'The Valley' and 'The Sounding' Explore Difference on It's A Question of Balance

The Sounding actors Harris Yulin and Teddy Sears; and director, actor, writer Catherine Eaton

The Valley director, writer, and producer Saila Kariat; a still from the film; Saila directing on set.

What does it mean to really connect as human beings? How well do we really know those we love and know ourselves? Are we willing and able to let others be who they truly are? Ruth Copland's guests are from two thought-provoking films that explore these questions in very different ways. Ruth talks to brilliant actors Harris Yulin, Teddy Sears and Catherine Eaton from The Sounding Listen Here The Sounding | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 18 March).

And director, writer and producer Saila Kariat from The Valley. Listen here The Valley | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 18 March).

For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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A Celebration Of The Life Of Kay Zwerling - This Saturday!

Kay Zwerling 1921 - 2017

Join us for a celebration of the life of Kay Zwerling.

Saturday Noon until 4pm

The Public Is Warmly Invited. - That Means You!

Fabulous Mexican Catering

Live Jazz Trio of Kay's Favorite Music

Eve - The Karaoke Lady Performing Music of the Era

Beer Pour By HWY 1 Brewing

Wine poured by Bargetto's

The Entire Zwerling Family Will Be In Attendance

Located at AM 1080 KSCO -News Talk Radio
2300 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz, CA

Off Street Parking is Preferred

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Ruth Copland, It's A Question Of Balance, Talk radio

'What Happened in Vegas?' Shocking and heart-breaking. It's A Question Of Balance with Ruth Copland

Ruth Copland has been out and about covering the 2017 Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley. This week she is featuring guests from What Happened In Vegas, a shocking and heartbreaking documentary about three murder cases where all the victims were shot by the police. The film had its world premiere at Cinequest and reveals a police department seemingly willing to go to any lengths to protect its image and hide its crimes. The film also features good cops trying to act with integrity within a broken system, and considers what has gone wrong and how it might be fixed. Listen here What Happened in Vegas? | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 11 March).

Ramsey Denison, the director, producer and editor of the film decided to make the film after he witnessed police brutality, called 911 to report it and then was beaten up by police and arrested himself for doing so. He covers this story in the film as well as several cases including the police killing of West Point graduate Erik Scott. Ruth Copland interviews the father of this young man Bill Scott, the director Ramsey Denison, and editor Doug Blush, renowned for his work on Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated documentaries, including The Invisible War and The Hunting Ground.

For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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Are the Arts Important in Education? On It's A Question of Balance

Are the arts important in education? Or are they a pleasant add-on but not essential to getting a job? Ruth Copland talks to accomplished educator, Dr Zachary Roberts, Head of Gateway School in Santa Cruz, California; award-winning writer Betsy Franco; and high school student film-makers Alec Cohen, Dajiana Huang, Peter Gold, Sam Cook, and Zac Sanders about the role of the arts in education and career preparation. Listen here Are the Arts Important in Education? | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast on 4 March). What do you think? Listen to the conversations and decide!

For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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