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A Celebration Of The Life Of Kay Zwerling - This Saturday!

Kay Zwerling 1921 - 2017

Join us for a celebration of the life of Kay Zwerling.

Saturday Noon until 4pm

The Public Is Warmly Invited. - That Means You!

Fabulous Mexican Catering

Live Jazz Trio of Kay's Favorite Music

Eve - The Karaoke Lady Performing Music of the Era

Beer Pour By HWY 1 Brewing

Wine poured by Bargetto's

The Entire Zwerling Family Will Be In Attendance

Located at AM 1080 KSCO -News Talk Radio
2300 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz, CA

Off Street Parking is Preferred

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'What Happened in Vegas?' Shocking and heart-breaking. It's A Question Of Balance with Ruth Copland

Ruth Copland has been out and about covering the 2017 Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley. This week she is featuring guests from What Happened In Vegas, a shocking and heartbreaking documentary about three murder cases where all the victims were shot by the police. The film had its world premiere at Cinequest and reveals a police department seemingly willing to go to any lengths to protect its image and hide its crimes. The film also features good cops trying to act with integrity within a broken system, and considers what has gone wrong and how it might be fixed. Listen here What Happened in Vegas? | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 11 March).

Ramsey Denison, the director, producer and editor of the film decided to make the film after he witnessed police brutality, called 911 to report it and then was beaten up by police and arrested himself for doing so. He covers this story in the film as well as several cases including the police killing of West Point graduate Erik Scott. Ruth Copland interviews the father of this young man Bill Scott, the director Ramsey Denison, and editor Doug Blush, renowned for his work on Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated documentaries, including The Invisible War and The Hunting Ground.

For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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Are the Arts Important in Education? On It's A Question of Balance

Are the arts important in education? Or are they a pleasant add-on but not essential to getting a job? Ruth Copland talks to accomplished educator, Dr Zachary Roberts, Head of Gateway School in Santa Cruz, California; award-winning writer Betsy Franco; and high school student film-makers Alec Cohen, Dajiana Huang, Peter Gold, Sam Cook, and Zac Sanders about the role of the arts in education and career preparation. Listen here Are the Arts Important in Education? | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast on 4 March). What do you think? Listen to the conversations and decide!

For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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How Can We Unite? On It's A Question of Balance

Would you like to see the USA more united? Unity ‘is the state of different areas or groups being joined together to form a single country or organization.’ We have the United States. The dictionary also says ‘When there is unity, people are in agreement and act together for a particular purpose.’ Is there a shared goal big enough the American people can unite behind to make us overlook our differences? Listen here How Can We Unite? | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 25 Feb).

Ruth Copland goes Out and About to get opinions on the street. Are we all in this together to solve our problems, is the answer in working collaboratively - or do you think it’s more a case of the ones who have it ‘right’ finally convincing the ones who don’t? Is part of why we are not united because we don’t see our interdependence? Or that we’ve stopped giving respect to our idealogical adversaries? What do you think? Listen to the conversations and decide!

For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit It's A Question of Balance

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Interview with Betsy Franco and Student Film-Makers from film 'Metamorphosis Junior Year'

On It's A Question of Balance, Ruth Copland interviews artists involved with the making of the film Metamorphosis Junior Year, which is having its world premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose on March 4th. The full-length feature film has been produced entirely by high school students with mentors from the film industry including main mentor and creator of the project James Franco. Listen to the interview here It's A Question of Balance - Betsy Franco and Film-Makers (broadcast Feb 18).

The film follows Ovid, an angsty teenage boy trying to make sense of life, love, sexuality, and friends, as he analyzes the world around him. A coming-of-age film, its themes are relevant to all adults. The film is based on the young adult novel by Betsy Franco whom Ruth is pleased to have on the show along with five of the student film-makers. The film is part of Elysium Bandini Studios and is the first philanthropic studio event created. Elysium Bandini brings together the Art Of Elysium charity with James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini production company. 

Betsy Franco, who majored in Studio Art at Stanford, is an award-winning author with over eighty books, including picture books, and poetry collections, some beautifully illustrated by previous guest of this show Michael Wertz. Betsy also writes screenplays, plays, and sketch comedies, and compiles anthologies of teen writing. Metamorphosis Junior Year the novel is illustrated by Betsy’s son Tom Franco and read on audio book by her actor sons James Franco and Dave Franco. It is also the basis for a successful play. Betsy is an actor on TV and in film, and is a member of a sketch-comedy troupe called Suburban Squirrel. She is currently polishing the sequel to Metamorphosis—The Art of Love. For more info on the show and to listen to previous shows visit It's A Question Of Balance


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