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Is There A War On Men?

On November 30th, on KSCO Presents Georgia, Georgia tackled the question of the treatment of Men in contemporary society. Georgia described herself as an "anti-feminist" and cites several statistics demonstrating that Male pay along with participation in the work force has collapsed in concert with a decrease in successful marriage rates and fertility. She sparked a heated debate around topics like "Has feminism gone too far?", "Are men being abused by the legal system?" and "Why are men giving up?"


Poll: Is Donald Trump A Racist?

A racist is a person who believes in the superiority or inferiority of another race.

While many point to the President Elect's immigration policies as being racially motivated, others point to the diversity of his business and campaign staff.


Michael Moore Makes The Case For Trump?

An unlikely voice of support, Left Wing documentary film maker and activist Michael Moore's candid explanation of the Trump phenomenon is so spot on, it has been picked up as a rallying cry by Trump supporters and even the Trump campaign. Watch The Video Below To Hear Michael's Riveting Dialogue. Any political bias in the text or video featured on this page are not necessarily representative of the staff of KSCO.


‘Women in Power: What Do We Fear?’ Saturday 29th October 8-9 PM on It’s A Question Of Balance

There have been only 46 women senators in the whole history of US government since 1789. Women have been running for president for close to 150 years without success. Do you think about the lack of women in positions of power - in government and throughout society? Is it something that concerns you?
Not all men fear women in positions of power but patently the fear is out there and has held women back. It seems worth exploring what this fear could be about. Paul B Farrell writing for Marketwatch states “Gender research in behavioral economics, neuroscience and brain psychology confirm that women do think, feel, see differently, they value the economy and the world differently, it’s a huge difference. Psychologically, women naturally think long term, see into the future. The male brain is programmed to think short-term.” Men and women are different. Is it possible men fear that women in power will only represent the needs of women? (Maybe because that is largely what men have done all the centuries they’ve been in power?)
Elie Mystal writing for Above The Law has come up (somewhat tongue in cheek) with the three most obvious reasons why men should fear women in charge.1. Performance Review Would Take 15 Hours And Peer Into Your Soul, 2. You Won’t Even Know Where To Look, and 3. Staffing Decisions Based On Cooperation Instead Of Conflict. Is increased emotional engagement something men fear if women are in charge? Do men feel more comfortable when they control the sexual dynamics and can eliminate them in certain situations where they deem them distracting by excluding women or keeping them subordinate? Do men feel more comfortable competing in the work place and therefore fear the possibly more collaborative style of a woman leader?

What do you think? Ruth Copland gets the views of people on the street for our Out and About feature. Join us on Saturday 8-9 PM! For more info on the show and to hear past shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

In Out And About we consider topics with local relevance and global significance. The idea is to get us thinking about the questions that affect us all - to stimulate new thinking, or clarify what we already feel. To hear how other people’s opinions may differ from or be similar to our own.



Charles Freedman's Election 2016 Recommendations


President/Vice President: Trump-Pence

US Senate: Loretta Sanchez

US Representative: Casey Lucius

State Senate: Palmer Kain

State Assembly: Anna Caballero

PVUSD Board area 2: Georgia Acosta

Propositions (aptly named...)

51: No

52: No

53: Yes

54: Yes

55: No

56: No

57: No

58: No

59: No

60: No

61: No

62: No

63: No

64: Yes

65: No

66: Yes

67: No

Santa Cruz County Measures

D: No

E: Yes

Agree, disagree or want to find out more about Charles Freedman's election recommendations? Call in to The Charles Freedman Show Noon - 2pm Monday - Friday at 831-479-1080


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