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Are we a Nation in Decline?

Do you think we are a Nation in Decline? A slow economic recovery, increased global military deployments and rapidly growing national debt got you down? Or are you feeling optimistic? Americans remain the most innovative people on Earth, measured by the number of new patents, and our strong position in cutting-edge industries, from computers and genetic engineering to popular movies and music. More than any nation, we peacefully blend a huge range of ethnicities and religions in a tolerant democracy. How do you feel about our Nation? Are we in Decline or.... Please Vote and leave your comments below.

No, Men Are Overwhelmingly Favored In Our Culture - 0%
Men Have Some Challenges, But Nothing Like What Women Face - 0%
Men And Women Are Treated Equally - 0%
Men Have Some Real Disadvantages, But It's Necessary - 0%
Men Face Overwhelming Disadvantages, Putting Masculinity And Husbandry In Crisis - 0%


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