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Dr. Joel Wallach

A biomedical research pioneer, Dr. Joel D. Wallach spent more than 40 years in the field of Veterinary Medicine, observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on animal health, before becoming a Naturopathic Physician in 1982. Today, Dr. Wallach is renowned for his groundbreaking research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals. He currently dedicates his time to lecturing throughout the world on the therapeutic benefits of vitamins and minerals, and on lobbying the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on behalf of the dietary supplement industry.

Dr. Wallach has been appearing recently with Benny Hinn of Benny Hinn Ministries

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Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program 26 November 2007

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Dr. Wallach has Dr. Cory Gold on as a guest.  Dr. Gold is the founder of the "Projoba" line of products.  Dr. Gold outlines his background and how he became interested in nutritional supplementation.

Pearls of Wisdom

Dr. Wallach and Dr. Gold continue discussing the benefits of the "Projoba" line of nutritional supplements.


  • Ron has been diagnosed with macular degenertaion.
  • Leigh's husband was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  • Anne has polycystic ovaries.
  • Bill has questions regarding gall bladder health.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program 23 November 2007

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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs fills in for Dr. Wallach. Ben starts the show discussing the importance of vitamin D3 for good health. Outlining various health challenges that can result from vitamin D3 deficiencies.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Ben Fuchs discuss a recent Australian study that found moderate drinking of beer, wine or gin during a meal helped to reduce overall blood sugar levels following the meal. In lean healthy individual postprandial glycemia (post meal blood sugar) by up to 37%.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Barbara has a friend trying to de-toxify his body with nutritional supplements.
  • Tommy's wife is dealing with post-stroke issues.
  • Arlene is developing a lot of skin tag type of warts on her body.
  • June's daughter has been diagnosed with RLS (restless leg syndrome).
  • Joe has been diagnosed with celiac disease.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program 22 November 2007

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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs fills in for Dr. Wallach. Ben starts the show discussing a recent research study that found a link reduced risk of cancer and blood levels of vitamin D3.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Ben Fuchs discuss a clinical trial of the weight loss drug Zimulti marketed by Sanofi-Aventis. During the trial panel advisors for the FDA reported a consistantly higher incidence of psychiatric adverse events, neurological adverse events and seizures in those taking the drug compared to those on a placebo.


  • Bill has been experiencing vertigo.
  • Wayne is suffering from severe abdominal pain and weight loss.
  • Betty has questions concerning deep vein thrombosis.
  • Ann asks Ben if the Youngevity product "Ultimate Classic" has calcium.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie Program 21 November 2007

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Dr. Wallach starts the show discussing the cost of health care.  Outlining the fact that 2.7 billion dollars are spent world wide on health care annually.  Of that 2.7 billion the U.S. spends 2.2 billion while ranking 46th among industrialized nations in health and longevity.  Meaning that despite the fact the U.S. spends more than all the other 45 nations combined they have better health and longevity.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss two recent news articles the first concerns a new FCC plan to bring high speed internet service to rural areas.  The reason for the $400 million plan is to provide "telemedicine" to these areas.  Next Doug and Doc discuss a study that has found ERs (emergency rooms) are profoundly understaffed when it comes to "on-call" specialists.


  • Paul's daughter has been experiencing dizziness when she stands after sitting for several minutes.
  • Dean's 7 year old daughter has extreme hair loss.
  • Kate is a vegatarian diagnosed with periodontal disease.

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