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Dr. Wallach discusses the problem of obesity and weight gain in America.  Citing the statistic that nearly two thirds of American adults are over weight and one third are obese.  Asserting that the various fad diets won't work if people don't deal with the root cause.  Doc recommends his "Hell's Kitchen" book as a resource that explains why this epidemic has occurred an the U.S.  Also recommending the "Ferret Fat Pack", "Nature's Whey" nutrition bars, "Chocolate Lover's Dream Diet" and "Slender FX" as possible solutions to weight loss.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss two recent news articles.  The first concerns a report put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The reports states 24,000 children a year are treated in hopitals for injuries received while riding in a shopping cart.  With two thirds of those injuries involving the head and neck.  Next Doug and Doc discuss a study done by researchers at Yale University.  The researchers exposed fetal mice to frequent and prolonged ultrasounds.  Discovering that the ultrasounds disrupt brain development in the unborn mice.  Previous studies also found brain anomalies linked to ultarsound use in human fetuses.


  • Shawn was recently diagnosed with Grave's disease.
  • Ann has discovered a soft tumor on her pelvic bone.
  • Kathy has three questions, the first regarding the safety of microwaving eggs.  Next she asks Dr. Wallach if it is ok to use powdered milk in her "Nature's Whey" shakes.  Finally Kathy asks about a 140 pound dog that is suffering seizures.
  • Ginny is a alcoholic looking for a non-chemical to quit the booze.

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