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Dr. Wallach discusses a National Institute of Health report on salt.  The report claims that with all of the added salt to pre-processed foods there is no need to add salt to food.  Citing theories that salt causes water retention, increases risk of hypertenion and heart disease.  Doc disagrees contending that salt along with the 90 essential nutrients will not cause the afore mentioned health challenges.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug discusses a  couple of recent news articles.  The first is a Consumer Report on the quality of nursing homes.  The report stated that not-for-profit homes provided a better quality of care than did for profit homes.  Niether type of nursing home actually fared very well by Consumer Report standards.  With for profits meeting the standard of "good quality" 2% while the not-for-profits meeting that standard 7.3% of the time.  The higher care quality in the not-for-profits was attributed to more staffing and registered nurses as staff rather than nurses aids.


  • Becky has a friend in a vegatative state with a feeding tube and wonders if it would help to give the friend liquid nutrients.
  • Linda asks Dr. Wallach about uterine fibroids.
  • Al has a dog that is losing it's teeth.
  • Rick has questions concerning osteoarthritis.
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