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Dr. Wallach starts the show outlining several of the financial benefits of starting a home-based business through Youngevity.  Suggesting several ways the use the new "Suzanne" line of products to build mutliple income streams to offset these tough economic times.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss two news articles concerning doctors and hospitals that are in trouble.  The first article concerns a California doctor that performed at least 5 unnecessary heart surgeries.  Second they discuss an article concerning over 40 hospitals that were fined because of mishaps that resulted in patient deaths or put the patients life at risk.  These hospitals totalled 61 different incidents and were fined $25,000 each.


  • Sue is a thyroid cancer survivor who wants off of the synthetic thyroid replacement medication.
  • Debbie's daughter has been diagnosed with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).
  • Connie's husband was recently diagnosed with hypertension and an unknown mass near his heart.
  • Bonnie was diagnosed with CMT (charcot-marie-tooth).
Dead Doctors Don