Dr. Wallach begins the show today discussing a news article concerning the owner of Fiat. The article states the he died from complications from shoulder surgery. Doc asserts that this surgery could have been avoided if the man had been supplementing with the 90 essential nutrients.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning maternal mortality rates in the U.S. For every 100,000 live births 26 women die during child birth. With rate increasing in recent years while the rates in Germany, France, Japan and England have been decreasing in the last two decads. A USA Today investigation found that nearly half could have been prevented. In fact the U.S. ranks with other developed nations in maternal mortality rates such as Argentina, Brunei, Chile and Uruguay.


LaFonda has several health challenges including chronic fatigue, low blood pressure, polycystic kidney disease and hypothyroidism.

Hugo has a friend diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis).

Bernard's daughter is suffering from depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder.

Carmen has a friend diagnosed with myloid leukemia.

Francisco's mother has been diagnosed with a lypoma on her breast and her doctor wants to remove it.

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