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Dr. Wallach begins the show discussing the recent declaration of war by Israel on Lebanon.  Asserting that since the U.S. is an allie terrorist attacks could be possible here in America.  Contending that people should prepare themselves and citing the "God Bless America" book as good resource material on the subject.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug and Dr. Wallach discuss a recent news story regarding a legal case in Virginia.  In the case a 16 year old boy is refusing chemo-therapy for Hodgkin's disease.  The boy Abraham Cherrix previously had 3 months of chemo and does not want to repeat the experience.  Judge Jesse E. Demps has now issued a temporary order finding Abraham's parents negligent for supporting his refusal of the treatment.  Demps has also ordered shared custody of Abraham between the parents and the Accomack County Department of Social Services.  The parents and Abraham believe a doctor reported them to county social services.  Doug and Doc agree with the family's attorney Barry Taylor that this is an example of government assault on the American famiily and has far reaching ramifications nationwide.


  • Dwayne's wife was recently scratched and biten by a stray cat and are concerned over possible health risks.
  • Robert has problems with a sore knee and shoulder and is looking for alternatived methods for pain relief.
  • Lydia's husband is on the "Pig Pack" and has questions concerning the "Slender FX" product from Youngevity.
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