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Dr. Wallach discusses various ways to "recession-proof" your life.  Doc also discusses the common problem of acid reflux and GERD.  Outlining various strategies to over come this health challenge.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach continue discussing the acid reflux topic.  Doug relates a two of articles concerning a nonsurgical outpatient procedure called the "plicator procedure".   The first article extolls the virtues of the procedure citing several "success stories" from patients.  The second article from a clinical journal basically says the procedure does not work all that well.


  • Caroline has questions concerning ADHD.
  • Clay has two questions the first concerns a friend diagnosed with COD (compulsive obsessive disorder).  Second he asks Doc about the health benefits from eating eggs and tuna.
  • Brian is a type I diabetic looking for alternatives to drugs.
  • Burt's 10 year son's doctor wants to put him on Zoloft.

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