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Dr. Wallach begins the show today discussing all of the major corporations that are "out sourcing" overseas and cutting jobs.  Asserting that people should "recession-proof" their lives by starting a home-based business through Youngevity and Drink ACT.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a study done at the Cleveland Clinic.  Researchers looked at the death rates of heart surgery patients who received blood transfusions.  They found that postoperative deaths increased by 30% in patients given blood older than two weeks.  Currently the FDA's guideline is that blood can be used up until it is 42 days old.


  • Candice has just been accepted to a chiropractic school and asks Dr. Wallach what types of subjects would be best to learn to help her in her practice.
  • Teresa is calling back with an update on several health challenges she is dealing with.
  • Kathy's young baby appears to have milk allergies.
Dead Doctors Don