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Dr. Wallach discusses obesity and the problem of losing weight. Doc cites the Ken Cheney story a man that lost 300 pounds using Youngevity's "Ferret Fat Pack". Outlining that the root cause of being over-weight is a mineral deficiency that causes pica and cribbing.

Pearls of Wisdom

Dr. Wallach and Doug discuss a couple of news articles. The first concerns a woman in New Zealand who had abdominal pain. Her doctor told her she was fat and prescribed diet pills. Over 16 months later the woman had to have emergency surgery to remove a 32 pound abdominal cyst. Next Doug discusses a story about Sanofi-Aventis and a warning label now on their anitbiotic "Ketek". The label warns of serious liver damage risks while taking this drug.


Marie asks Dr. Wallach about abdominal pain. Linda has two questions the first concerning antibiotics that killed off all of her "good bacteria". Next she asks about her daughter's serious blood infection. John has been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune blood disorder. Ann has questions concerning hearing loss.

Dead Doctors Don