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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs fills in for Dr. Wallach. Ben starts the show discussing mercury toxicity. Contending that although there are numerous environmental sources the biggest source of mercury is found in our diets. Fish is the largest contributor of mercury into our bodies and the bigger the fish most likely the more the mercury content.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Ben Fuchs discuss a recent study that found the incidence of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) has increased 700% in recent years. Usually only found in hospitals and nursing homes the infection is now being found in poor urban neighborhoods. Ben contends the rise is a direct result of the over use of antibiotics.


  • Jennifer has questions concerning calcium supplementation and weight gain.
  • Kevin has a friend who's been diagnosed with Meniere's disease.
  • Victor has a friend with an ovarian cyst.
  • Jessie has a question regarding type II diabetes.

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