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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs fills in for Dr. Wallach.  Ben starts todays show discussing the importance of dietary iodine for good health.  Contending that we don't usually get enough in our foods and that is the reason iodine is added to salt.  However Ben asserts that the form of iodine added isn't very bio-available.  He recommends Youngevity's "Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals".

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Ben Fuchs discuss a recent bid by Merck & Co. to get a low dose form of Mevacor approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sales.  FDA advisors have recommended it not be approved.  One doctor who wants it approved actually testified before the advisory panel that "you should put this drug in the drinking water".


  • Shannon's son only wants to eat chicken nuggets and bread.
Dead Doctors Don